Komal: No need for new wards

Member for Nipa-Kutubu Jeffrey Komal said his electorate does not need wards.

He said approximately twenty new wards have been created in the Nipa region that have not followed due process through the LLG.

The member said he is unaware of the creation of these wards.  

He produced meeting minutes from a Provincial Assembly meeting outlining the creation of these wards which he was not informed about.

Responding to the concerns raised by MP Komal, Minister for Inter-Government Relations Pila Niningi said, if the documents have not followed due process, his ministry will not seek approval from the National Executive Council (NEC) for the creation of these wards.

Minister Niningi appeased MP Komal saying, “I’m not going to allow that if the process is not followed, it will not go through.”

However, Minister Niningi said if the correct process for the creation of these wards is followed, his office is obligated to seek approval from NEC.

Marysila Kellerton