Electoral Commission (ECPNG)

Lagaip counting venue disputed

This follows after a one-day peaceful polling on the 31st of October 2023, were 70 boxes were retrieved and brought to the Wabag police station for safekeeping.

According to Acting Superintendent PPC Enga George Kakas, after the boxes were safely secured at the police station, the Electoral Commissioner Simon Sinai directed the boxes to be transported by security personnel to Goroko for counting due to security reasons.

Update electoral Roll: Observer

This process should be completed earlier in advance of the election and finalised prior to the cut-off upon the issue of the writs.

“Security measures should be put in place to prevent further changes to the roll after the cut-off point, and political parties and candidates should receive copies of the final electoral roll in advance of the polling period,” it stated.

The COG, after the 2017 elections, recommended that the PNGEC consider providing for continuous voter registration, including online registration.

PNG Sees Increase In Nominations

He said after checking through the nomination lists submitted by Returning Officers and Election Managers throughout the country, PNG EC confirmed 3499 nominations received compared to 3340 nominations in 2017.

"As of the close of nominations last Thursday, 19 May 2022 at 4pm, we have received in total 3499 nominations, an increase of 159 from the last election. Of the total 142 are female candidates and rest are males. The female candidate numbers have dropped from 167 in 2017,” Mr Sinai.

No changes to Returning Officers: Sinai

Mr Sinai said this after intending candidates for Kompiam-Ambum Open in Enga Province, disputed the appointment of the district’s returning officer, claiming conflict of interest.
He said although the intending candidates have a right to petition, appointed returning officers will not be changed.
Last Thursday, intending candidates for Wabag Open also petitioned the election manager to change the district’s returning officer, whom they allege is a relative of the sitting MP.

EC Urged To Be Transparent

TIPNG Chairman, Peter Aitsi said key information from the PNG Electoral Commission (PNGEC) on the 2022 General Election has not been forthcoming.

 “Two weeks ago Electoral Commissioner published an announcement of the revised election schedule issued by Head of State, Governor General, Sir Bob Dadai.

 On Friday 6th May 2022 PNGEC officials were unable to produce a gazettal notice, giving effect to this announcement. This is a serious concern”, he added.

Public Servants Released For Election Duties

The Department of Personnel Management has issued circular No. 6 of 2022 for all National Departmental Heads, Provincial Administrators, Heads of other Public Authorities, and Public Servants to release their staff with full pay during the said period.

In another Circular No. 8 of 2022, DPM has approved the release of Public Servants from their duties to have the opportunity to cast their votes during the voting period commencing July 9 to July 22.

DPM Secretary, Taies Sansan said all Public Servants are encouraged to arrange to cast their votes in their own time.