Gulf needs ‘worsening’

Communities in Gulf are now taking ownership to establish a pathway for development.

And this is through the traditional structure system, which with modern influence, has since been broken down.

Assisting with this is Jungle Intelligence to oversee villages building back traditional landowner structures based on their customary landownership.

This structure follows options to partner with government and other agencies to build the needed services.

Services remain disrupted in Mendi

According to sources on ground in the province, most of the services have been disrupted since the weekend and still remains disrupted.

Police have been on high alert since the killings over the weekend.

Opportunists have taken advantage of the attacks on the weekend and this has caused much concern for security personals on ground. 

Meantime, the Police Commissioner who has been briefed about the situation in Mendi released a statement yesterday.

Lupari blames public servants for not delivering services

When officially opening the Provincial and Local Level Service Monitoring Authority (PLLSMA) conference in Port Moresby early this week, Lupari told the provincial administrators that they (public servants) were the drivers of the service delivery.

He said lack of money should not be an excuse.

“If services do not get to the people, the National Government and the leaders should not be blamed. We are responsible for delivery,” he told the Provincial administrators.

Services must flow says Tato, the court reinstated EHP Administrator

Speaking outside the court house to his supports, Tato said services in the province must flow and leaders must come out and work together despite the outcome of the court.

“Let the court deal with the case already before it, the people and services are more important. Service must flow,” he told them.

Tato was reinstated by the Supreme Court on Feb 15 as the Provincial Administrator after the Goroka District Court dismissed allegations of misconduct against him.