National Identification (NID) cards

NID project needs K40mil

It was brought to Parliament that Civil Identity Registry officers were not being paid for five fortnights, and was raised for answers by Member for Bogia, Robert Naguri.

“In my district and I believe it’s also affected in in every civil identity registry office in the country and in the headquarters in Port Moresby. These offices haven’t being paid for five fortnights. I’d like to ask Minister for Internal Security to come out very clear and inform the Parliament and those poor officers what is the problem? why haven’t they been paid?

NID rollout for Central

Central Governor Rufina Peter presented a cheque of K500,000 to the Registrar-General, Noel Mobiha, of the Papua New Guinea Civil and Identity Registry (PNGCIR), for the rollout of registrations for NID.

Governor Peter said: “We want to make sure that with connect PNG coming in, it’s a priority for me to make sure that my people have IDs to say that we are Central, going out you are Central. We need to control the gateways and for us this is really important.”

Public Servants Warned To Get NID Cards

This directive was put forth by the National Electoral Commission to have government departments registered into the system.

Registrar General of PNGCIR, Noel Mobiha held a press conference yesterday to urge public servants to get their NIDs secured and registered, following a decision made by the government to address the lack thereof in this sector.

“We’ve been sending our teams to the departments, (but) none of them turn up to get registered,” he said.

NID registration efforts at 99pc: Mobiha

Acting Registrar General of the Civil Identity & Registry Office, Noel Mobiha, said much of the registration has been getting rid of a backlog of data.

Mobiha was speaking at the Civil Registration and Vital Statistics: Legal Review Workshop held recently in Port Moresby.

The Civil Identity & Registry Office is expanding slowly on the NID system and learning as it goes.

Mobiha said his team still has a big task ahead, to deliver 2 million NID cards by December 31st, 2019.