Public Servants Warned To Get NID Cards

The PNG Civil & Identity Registry (PNGCIR) is in works to have all public servants acquire their national identification cards by the end of the year.

This directive was put forth by the National Electoral Commission to have government departments registered into the system.

Registrar General of PNGCIR, Noel Mobiha held a press conference yesterday to urge public servants to get their NIDs secured and registered, following a decision made by the government to address the lack thereof in this sector.

“We’ve been sending our teams to the departments, (but) none of them turn up to get registered,” he said.

Mr Mobiha has expressed frustration at the slow progression of Port Moresby-based government departments towards registration for NID, which are causing many unnecessary delays.

“This nonsense has to stop in the public service, when the government gives a directive, we must all abide by it because that’s our employer,” he added.

Mr Mobiha ensured that their office would be open to public servants to register by 31st of December 2021 and have their NID cards within three days, as it is a government requirement.

The NEC decision remains that by the first quarter of 2022, all public servants throughout the country must be registered by the Office of Civil & Identity Registry.

(Register General of CIR and NID officers in charge of the Public Service Registration. Picture by Marie Vele.)

Marie Vele, UPNG Journalism Student