Elections 2017

Namatanai, Komo-Margarima writs returned

Receiving the writs, Gamato thanked Kliawi for conducting the elections in Namatanai and declaring the member elect on time.

Gamato said election is a big race that many people took part in but there is always one winner at the end.

He stated that a lot of people said negative things about the 2017 elections on social and mainstream media, but results coming forth have proven them wrong.

Juffa calls on newly elected MPs to promote people’s interest

Juffa, in a statment advised the newly elected MPs to immediately secure a copy of the Public Finance Management Act and Financial Instructions, Public Service Management Act and Public Service General Orders and Criminal Code as well as all laws pertaining to the management of public funds.

"Many MPs do not realize that they are fund managers and do not own these funds. They must expand them responsibly in accordance with the laws and at all times with the people’s interests foremost.

Gamato to receive all writs of declared seats

Tari Pori Returning Officer Jack Walara who declared James Marape on Sunday handed over the writs of the open seat of Hela Province to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato this morning.

Gamato confirmed to Loop PNG that he will return all the writs of the declared parliament seats to the Governor General after completion of counting.

PNG Electoral Commission media officer Alphonse Muapi also told Loop PNG that all writs for the declared 111 seats will be returned to Governor General Sir Bob Dadae before Monday July 24, 2017.   

Progressive results for Moresby North West seat: After count 30

The progressive results as of 9am this morning after count 30 are; Lohia Boe Samuel 3,612 votes, Sir Mekera Morauta  on second place with 1,700 votes, Miria Ikupu is running third with 1, 589 votes, followed by Russell Wavik at 1,416 votes in fourth place.

Sitting MP, Michael Malabag has been ousted from the top 5 category and has been replaced by Joseph Tonde with 1, 019 votes.

Count 31 is about to go into motion now.

Results will be posted on a later update.

NCD regional progressive results - after count 63

The count currently stands at 64.

Progressive results as of 9am has seen some changes in the top 5 running candidates.

Powes Parkop is still in the lead with 6,686 votes, Andy Bawa with 3,229 votes and Michael Kandiu with 3,081 votes. 

Robert Agen and Jamie Maxton Graham have both dropped out of the top 5 category.

ENB Police to monitor counting venues

A total of 290 Security personal, including the Rapid Response Unit will be assisting to provide security at the five counting venues.

EÑB Provincial Police Commander, Joseph TABALI, says his security officers are ready and set to ensure counting runs well without any major security concerns.

He further added that a total of four arrests have been made in relation to the election during the polling period in the province.

Tabali has assured police presence to be at the counting venues for the open and regional seats.

ENBP counting update

Counting teams will commence night shift at the Regional Count centre before rolling out to other count venues.

DAY 1 results (Preliminary Results)

ENB Regional Seat- after Count 1

- Sir Leo Dion – 291

- Sinai Brown – 287

- Gershon Passingan – 151

Counting resumes today at Kokopo Secondary School

Gazelle Open- After Count 3

- Bernard Lukara – 918

- Malakai Tabar – 908

- Urai Henry – 41

Counting resumes today at St Mary's Vuvu.

Porgera Mine employees go to polls

Many employees including contracted employees turned up and voted. 

Prior to polling, in the presence of the mine’s commissioned security officers accompanied by the community relations officers, mine site presiding officer Ronnie Pyatti broke open the seals of the ballots boxes for Enga Regional and the Lagaip-Porgera Open electorates.

Ms Pyatti explained that the ballot papers and the boxes were being shared between the mine site and the public servants at Paiam town.

She also reminded everyone of what they should do to avoid casting informal votes.

Nuku electorate counting set for Tuesday

Returning officer Francis Yawalan confirmed to Loop PNG that the counting will be held at Nuku District Office following the completion of checking the election returns and also preparation of the counting venue.

He said 16 boxes for the Open seat and Provincial seat will be counted. 

Polling for Nuku electorate was completed on Friday.

Madang to prepare for counting

This was revealed by Madang Election Manager Peter Yasaro.

Yasaro said most of the electorates are set to complete polling during the weekends; there will be two days for necessary preparations thus – Tuesday the 11th is the appropriate timing for the start of counting.

The locations for counting have already been set – these include the counting locations for Madang Urban, Raicoast and the Regional seat.