ENB Police to monitor counting venues

Counting for the four electorates, including the Regional seat for East New Britain Province commences on Sunday after lunch.

A total of 290 Security personal, including the Rapid Response Unit will be assisting to provide security at the five counting venues.

EÑB Provincial Police Commander, Joseph TABALI, says his security officers are ready and set to ensure counting runs well without any major security concerns.

He further added that a total of four arrests have been made in relation to the election during the polling period in the province.

Tabali has assured police presence to be at the counting venues for the open and regional seats.

The Regional Counting Venue will be at the Kokopo Secondary School, while counting for the Kokopo Open seat will be at the Vunapope Catholic Hall.

St Mary’s Vuvu Secondary will be the counting venue for Gazzelle Open, Rabaul Open will be at the Malagunan Technical School and the Pomio Open Seat votes will be counted at the Palmalmal Council Chamber.

More updates to follow.

Annette Kora