Namatanai DDA acquits funds

During the presentation by the Namatanai District Development Authority (NDDA) board on Friday, deputy secretary operations of the DIRD, Steven Rambe, said: “Thank you for doing the right thing. This is evidence to show that you are delivering for our people and it shows how funds are being used to develop the district.

“I commend you for putting people’s interest first among any other things and that should be emulated by all the other MPs,” Rambe told Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt.

Pruaitch initiated as Namatanai ‘maimai’

The initiation marks the bond and partnership between the people of Namatanai and the Opposition.

Dressed in traditional ‘Maimai’ (chief) attire, Opposition leader Patrick Pruaitch was hoisted on a wooden chair along with Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt and other leaders, including the Executive Manager for Newcrest, Craig Jetson. 

Pruaitch said such an initiation was a mark of friendship and partnership with the people of Namatanai and pledged to work with their local MP to bring services to their doorstep.

NID roll-out for Namatanai

This partnership will see the collection of data for over 90,000 people in the district of New Ireland.

A joint ownership and partnership Memorandum of Understanding for the collection of information and issuance of birth registration and national identity cards in Namatanai was recently witnessed in Port Moresby.

“The agreement we signed is the standard agreement we signed with all other members of the parliament, the ones that come to the fore and help us,” said Acting Registrar, Noel Mobiha.

NIP medivac success story

That was the strong message portrayed in Namatanai as not one, but two lives were saved recently by the Manolos P2-NTI Medivac Search & Rescue Emergency Chopper. 

Minol Tomaibi, (mid 30's, male) was suffering from a severe Barracuda bite wound sustained while diving and Leonie Misirom (age 36, female), who was 2 months pregnant, was facing heavy blood loss following a miscarriage.

The heavy loss of blood has resulted in Misirom having low blood level, leading to severe anaemia with HB (haemoglobin) level of 4 grams. 

Namatanai, Komo-Margarima writs returned

Receiving the writs, Gamato thanked Kliawi for conducting the elections in Namatanai and declaring the member elect on time.

Gamato said election is a big race that many people took part in but there is always one winner at the end.

He stated that a lot of people said negative things about the 2017 elections on social and mainstream media, but results coming forth have proven them wrong.

Namatanai people restrained from using sea

A local woman from the area, Naomi Watong, told Loop PNG that the provincial disaster office staff visited their village on Saturday (April 16) and are yet to get back to them.

She said the people have been restrained from using the sea because of the awful smell from the dead creatures.

“We are still waiting on the disaster office to tell us the cause of the dead creatures. For now we have not been using the sea because it is very smelly,” she said.

She added that the sea is also getting hotter and very oily.

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Pruaitch’s party to partner with Pangu

Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch has announced his party’s intentions in partnering with the Pangu Pati and Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party to form a coalition government after the 2017 elections.

New dish to help Digicel play user

Dead sea creatures causing awful smell in Namatanai

Naomi Watong, a local woman from Konos village in the Central New Ireland district of Namatanai told Loop PNG that the sea creatures have been dying since Saturday April 9, 2016 at around 12 midday  until  now (April 13).

She said the villagers found out about the dead fishes when alerted by children who went out for a swim on that day.

“We went and got the fish and other creatures like octopus and shells but the sea was very hot. The dead sea creatures were also very hot,” she told Loop PNG via mobile phone.