NCD hospital progress update

NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, Health and HIV Minister, Dr. Lino Tom, Secretary Dr. Osborne Liko met to make progress on the planned Level-5 Hospital for NCD, located at Tete in Gerehu.

Governor Parkop expressed his intention to announce the new PHA Board and provide updates on the new hospital in the near future.

He emphasized the urgency of commencing and completing the construction of the new hospital to enable Port Moresby General Hospital to transform into the national referral and teaching hospital.

Madang Expects All Declarations Today

Bogia open is the only seat declared as of yesterday afternoon, with sitting member Robert Naguri retaining his seat.
Declaration for Usino Bundi is expected to happen before midday. This newsroom was informed that they are into the final elimination process with the sitting MP leading with over 6,000 votes from the second person. 
Sumkar and Middle Ramu had started the elimination process yesterday and in progress with the final exclusions. 

Lino Returns Writ

Dr. Tom after his declaration said there is a need for change when highlighting the challenges faced during this election in Enga Province, which he stemmed as chaotic.

Dr. Lino arrived in Port Moresby on Tuesday 26th July with Wabag Returning officer, John Puiyo to return the Writ to the PNG Electoral Commissioner, Simon Sinai.

Don’t Trust Website: Malaifeope

Central Province Election Manager, Peter Malaifeope, said that he heard a media organization reporting wrong progressive results for Central provincial seat.

“The figures that they were broadcasted was twice the number that we posted at the counting venue. So I called all my Data Processing Officers and Coordinator as to why this was happening. They said the information was taken directly from the Electoral Commission Website,” he said.

Maru plans for future

As the leader of the People First Party, Maru has a number of candidates who are still running and he hopes to gain at least 10 seats, to be part of the government formation.

“We have a lot of ambitious plans to continue to improve the rate and growth of development in our district, and that’s very, very important. The people have voted because they trust us, they know we can do it.

NTI Quality Checks Almost Complete

Team Namatanai completed the quality checks of the Konoagil LLG late last night, which leaves the final seven boxes of NTI LLG to be checked today.

Update for Namatanai counting

As of 6.30pm, QC for Tanir was completed

Sentral Niu Ailan - Box 76-89, total of 14 boxes – DONE

Matalai LLG         -  Box 61-63, total of 3 boxes   – DONE

Nimamar LLG     - Box 71-75, total of 5 boxes     – DONE

Tanir LLG.            - Box 90-95, total of 5 boxes     – DONE

Konoagil LLG      - Box 55-60, total of 6 boxes      – DONE

​22 nominated so far in Manus

Manus Election Manager, Sponsa Navi, told Loop PNG that both current members of the province have not yet nominated.

He said in the Regional seat, 10 candidates have nominated while 12 candidates have nominated to run for the Open seat.

Those who nominated for the Manus Regional Seat include;  Ken Kuso, George Sikin, Francis Kari Masu, Qwentan Kiliwi Chollaii, wife of former Madang Governor Jim Kas - Dr Theresa Kamau Kas, Elijah Kireng Pokarop, Dr Hilda H Polume, Leslie Roai, former Governor Michael Sapau :and Martin Kele-eh Warek.