Community line applauded

The districts of Namatanai and Kavieng resemble ghost towns as the general populace remain in their respective villages on Mondays to attend to community work, commonly referred to as ‘community line’.

Every Mondays, only a few buses and dinghies come to town, while the Kavieng Market is closed for business.

While applauding this initiative in New Ireland Province, provincial police commander, Superintendent Albert Beli, encouraged locals to go the extra mile by cleaning around the village and using their initiative.

“The tradition here is of a very high standard,” said PPC Beli. “The maimai, chiefs and also the leaders at the village level, they’re still taking control, stock of the communities’ involvement, which is a nice thing. Just one thing I need to add is the community work, community line, we call it. Every Monday is assigned for community work.

“In New Ireland, there’s no one coming and doing informal (sales) or active roles in towns like Namatanai or Kavieng. They stay back, most times, in the village. But again, I want to put this out; you have an obligation that you have not fulfilled – that is to work around the community you stay in; clean around the flowerbeds, get drains dug up, if need be, rake the place.

“It’s also time for families to gather together, like father and mother have discussions with their children.”

PPC Beli said that is the foundation of community work, rather than loitering near the Boluminksy Highway or gathering at a ‘table market’.

He also encouraged the active participation of youth as this will keep them out of trouble.

Loop Author