Extension for outstanding writs

Commissioner Gamato today returned 80 of the 111 writs that were issued on April 24.

At the time the writs were returned, 88 seats have been declared but only 80 of those writs were presented to the Electoral Commission.

He hopes to have the remaining writs returned by Monday afternoon.

“In all fairness and for public interest, I have instructed that counting for the remaining 25 electorates continue till they finish the process,” he said.

Namatanai, Komo-Margarima writs returned

Receiving the writs, Gamato thanked Kliawi for conducting the elections in Namatanai and declaring the member elect on time.

Gamato said election is a big race that many people took part in but there is always one winner at the end.

He stated that a lot of people said negative things about the 2017 elections on social and mainstream media, but results coming forth have proven them wrong.

Gamato congratulates Marape for retaining seat

Returning officer Jack Walara presented the 2017 National Election writ for the member elect for Tari Pori, James Marape to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato this morning.

Gamato, in congratulating Marape said Tari-Pori has set a bench mark in the country.

He added that if Tari-Pori Open electorate is the first to deliver their member-elect, other electorates in other regions can do the same.

Meanwhile, Marape thanked his people for trusting and having confidence in his leadership. 

Gamato commends Tari-Pori electorate for delivering successful election

He said a lot of people have spoken negative about the 2017 National Elections but the people of Tari-Pori have come in big numbers to deliver their member-elect.

He added that this tells a different but a good and successful story which also indicated that the LPV Electoral System is a proven and tested system.

Gamato made these remarks during the official presentation of the return of writs for the Tari-Pori electorate today.

Gamato said despite all the critics, he is confident that the 2017 National Election will not be a failure.

Gamato to receive all writs of declared seats

Tari Pori Returning Officer Jack Walara who declared James Marape on Sunday handed over the writs of the open seat of Hela Province to Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato this morning.

Gamato confirmed to Loop PNG that he will return all the writs of the declared parliament seats to the Governor General after completion of counting.

PNG Electoral Commission media officer Alphonse Muapi also told Loop PNG that all writs for the declared 111 seats will be returned to Governor General Sir Bob Dadae before Monday July 24, 2017.   

Sitting MPs’ terms expire after return of Writs

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed today after the issue of Writs that the sitting members are currently still members of parliament.

"The term of the current members of parliament expires when the Writs are returned to the Governor General," Gamato said.

However, a caretaker cabinet is yet to be announced.

The caretaker cabinet will allow for the 111 MPs, including the Prime Minister, to be given the opportunity to nominate and campaign.

Nominations will run for a week, followed by eight weeks of campaigning.