Talasea district

K200,000 for Talasea Cocoa Rehab

Talasea MP and WNB Governor, Francis Galia Maneke when presenting the cheque said cocoa is a very important commodity that the district has embark on to help people grow and become economic independent.

“I want to see cocoa and copra taken on board by our district and province aggressively so that we can revive and enhanced these indigenous crops which have been neglected for many years,” he said.

WNB Leaders Want Additional Electorate

The Governor Francis, Galia Maneke and Regional MP, Sasindran Muthuvel said this should be done during this term of Parliament and the new electorate be called Nakanai Open, while Talasea Open retains its name.

Mr Maneke said a submission would be handed before Parliament during the August session.

Muthuvel also said the Electoral Boundaries Commission should formulate their recommendations on technical issues in line with the guidelines used.

These include population, geographical difficulties in terms of service delivery and density of growth.

Locals Bid For New District

The meeting held at the Muthuvel Stadium saw people from various sectors of the community who were very passionate to see the province get an additional electorate.

Though the province wanted three additional electorates, everyone agreed that the split of Talasea Open is of priority right now, due to its high population and geographical landmass. As this poses challenges and disparity in service delivery.

Talasea district submits LEDL funds acquittals

Governor Francis Maneke when handing over the acquittals said Talasea district wants to be different from other provinces and acquit its LEDL funds appropriately.

“For the first time, the Talasea district wants to comply with the requirements set by the Forestry on the usage of the LEDL funds in the district.

“More importantly, the funds that have been given to us as a district but were used accordingly.”

Non-Scalpel Vasectomy Training, Bialla

A one week training was conducted at the Bialla health centre involving six health workers from six health posts in the district. The family planning training was conducted by the West New Britain Health Authorities with major support from the United National Population Fund or UNFPA. The training program focused on a simple procedure that does not involve an operation, on the male client. This procedure is deemed to be an alternative of a woman receiving Tubal ligation.

Lack of funding hampers electoral boundaries work

Minister for Provincial Affairs and Local Government Pila Niningi said just under 30 per cent of the funding allocated for electoral boundaries has been released.  

The planned split of the Talasea district in 2022 may not happen.

Ninigi said the Government had budgeted K14m for the electoral boundaries but so far only K4m had been released.

Minister Ninigi made this clarification after news of the new electorate being gazette, went viral on social media Facebook.

Contractors to be held accountable

That was the clear message delivered by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when opening a new classroom in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

“Continuing to improve education is our government’s commitment to our future generations,” he reiterated.

“Better education provides the greatest hope for our children, particularly in remote and rural areas.

“In 2018 we have allocated K1.29 billion for the education sector, which is nearly 9 percent of National Budget. This is an increase of 13 percent from the 2017 Supplementary Budget.”

Tribe launches law and order initiative

Meeting with the Police Commissioner, Gari Baki recently, the leaders said the purpose of the initiative was to bring back the good image of the Bakovi tribe to its original.

Baki said the Bakovi tribe has lost precedence and in its place has now brought shame and embarrassment to the people of Bakovi with the endless breakdown of law and order.

The meeting with the 157 clan leaders was also to iron out law and order issues that have been outstanding for the last six months.

​Villagers start their own housing scheme

Vovosi village leaders have agreed to use their Lucas sawmill to cut and process timbers for the neighbouring villages after completing houses in their village.

Located about 5 kilometres from the nearest Hoskins station, Vovosi village is the only community in the Hoskins Local Level Government area that is yet to plant oil palm.

However, in spite of that, the villagers have come up with an initiative to make use of their timbers.

They have bought a used Lucas sawmill and decided to help build houses.

Talasea MP Marus presents acquittals

MP Francis Marus and his district development authority officers made the acquittal presentation to the DIRD Secretary Paul Sai’i in Port Moresby last week.

Marus who is also the Higher Education Minister in presenting the financial spending of his district indicated the need for reporting by members of Parliament on public funds and also for DIRD to conduct physical monitoring against projects on the ground.