​Villagers start their own housing scheme

​A village in the Hoskins area of Talasea district in West New Britain has come up with a community housing scheme project to help villages in the area.

Vovosi village leaders have agreed to use their Lucas sawmill to cut and process timbers for the neighbouring villages after completing houses in their village.

Located about 5 kilometres from the nearest Hoskins station, Vovosi village is the only community in the Hoskins Local Level Government area that is yet to plant oil palm.

However, in spite of that, the villagers have come up with an initiative to make use of their timbers.

They have bought a used Lucas sawmill and decided to help build houses.

Ronald Patata, owner of the mini sawmill, said they have tried seeking help several times from the government to help them with such initiatives but were always turned down.

He said the villagers didn’t give up but pressed on in getting a sawmill.

Patata said the idea was to help all the youths and young families in his village sleep in decent homes.

Village elder Felix Kautu also shared the same sentiments, saying it’s about time the Government looks into such projects to help the people.

A youth, Hubert Gela, who was also involved in milling the timbers, said such projects do not only help the community but also provide employment opportunities for youths in the village.

Patata employed about 10 people to help mill the timbers.

The project is the first-of-its-kind for the village.

Freddy Mou