Tribe launches law and order initiative

The leaders of the Bakovi tribe in Talasea district of West New Britain Province have launched an ‘Operation bakovi storm’ to report any law and order issues to police.

Meeting with the Police Commissioner, Gari Baki recently, the leaders said the purpose of the initiative was to bring back the good image of the Bakovi tribe to its original.

Baki said the Bakovi tribe has lost precedence and in its place has now brought shame and embarrassment to the people of Bakovi with the endless breakdown of law and order.

The meeting with the 157 clan leaders was also to iron out law and order issues that have been outstanding for the last six months.

The law and order issue have resulted in a number of deaths, injuries and the burning down of properties.

Accompanying the police commissioner to address the indigenous men and a few women who gathered were the NGI Assistant Commissioner, Anton Billy, WNB Provincial Police Commander, Jim Namora, Talasea LLG President, Victor Narere and representing the Talasea Open MPs office was the electoral officer, Joe Ben Goru.

Meantime, Commissioner Baki will be meeting with the clan leaders again on Nov 13, 2013.


Picture courtesy of Dorcas Eunice Tindri.

Freddy Mou