West New Britain Province

PPC Iara: Police Presence Vital

Police Provincial Commander, John Iara presented a vehicle to the Talasea Rural Police Station Commander Sergeant Kevin Moni and his unit to help cater for the ongoing law and order issues occurring in the area.

The vehicle will improve the mobility of police personnel to conduct operations and is one of the two vehicles purchased by the Police Department for Kimbe Police during the National General Elections.

PPC Iara appealed to Sgt. Moni to utilize the vehicle for its intended purpose and serve the people of Talasea by being present in areas that needed policing.

Muthuvel declared, retains seat

Muthuvel was declared member-elect on Sunday 31 July, by Provincial Returning Officer Emily Kelton after he polled 47, 878 votes.

The absolute majority of votes was 46, 499.

Former Police Commissioner and People’s National Congress Party candidate, Gari Baki polled in second place with 45, 118 votes.

Muthuvel said he is extremely humbled by the decision of the people of West New Britain to give him the opportunity once again serve the province.

He further acknowledge fellow candidates for their contributions to running the election race.

Maneke Races Ahead

The progressive tally recorded for Nakanai open after the 9th exclusion has also confirmed the elimination of Independent candidate, Jimmy Joseph with his 997 votes distributed.

The Top 5 contenders for Nakanai Open are:

Kumai is new Talasea MP

He was declared member-elect for Talasea Open just this afternoon.

After PANGU Pati candidate John Tuka was eliminated from the race at the 29th Exclusion count, his 5052 votes were distributed between Kumai and United Labour Party candidate Blaise Dau.

After the 30th and final elimination, Dau finished with 6779 votes.

Talasea Open seat was held by PANGU Pati candidate Francis Maneke, who is contesting the Open seat for the new Nakanai District.

Lelang leads after count 12

Top Five Nakanai Open Candidates after Count 9 from Mosa LLG

  1. Francis Marus  - 4,537
  2. Phil Hans Wai  - 3 305
  3. F.rancis G. Maneke  - 2839
  4. Kesman Fernan Nandap - 1,563
  5. Arnold Tia - 1085

Top Five Provincial Count of Mosa LLG Count 9

  1. Sasindran Muthuvel   - 4 853
  2. Daniel Aubian Kanau   - 2416
  3. Gari L Baki - 1,876
  4. Willie Edo - 1,631
  5. Mark Lebong – 992

Progressive Tally after count 12 in Kandrian Inland LLG, Open Seat

WNB Counting underway

The numbers for count five are as follows for Talasea Open and Nakanai Open, while Kandrian Gloucester not yet as it will commence its primary counts this evening on 14th July, 2022. This is as per Returning Officer for KG, Peter Manasaplo who confirmed that all ballot boxes for the five LLGs of the district are stored at the Kimbe Police Station awaiting counting.

The primary count will start with Gasmata LLG with 16 ballot boxes while Gloucester LLG also with 16 ballot boxes ready for counting.

Count Five

ROs prepare for display of common rolls

Roland Poonurea, Returning Officer for West New Britain’s new Nakanai Electorate, has 43 ward rolls and all will be on public display.

“Display of the common roll for Nakanai Open I have Mossa LLG with 8 wards, Hoskins LLG has 9 wards, Central Nakanai LLG with 13 wards and East Nakanai LLG 13 wards. Only time will tell when we go to deliver the display of the common rolls. We are now talking about where we will get funding to move the rolls for display,” Mr Poonurea said.

WNB Launches GBV Plan

Secretary for Community Development Jerry Ubase, provincial dignitaries, stakeholders and women witnessed this important occasion at the Muthuvel Stadium in Kimbe.

Acting Provincial Administrator, Leo Mapmani said the provincial administration would support the implementation of the strategic plan.

Community Development Secretary, Herry Ubase said the Government has given K7.9 million to the department to address GBV throughout the country, and that WNB is in a good position to receive assistance with the launch of its strategic plan.

K200,000 for Talasea Cocoa Rehab

Talasea MP and WNB Governor, Francis Galia Maneke when presenting the cheque said cocoa is a very important commodity that the district has embark on to help people grow and become economic independent.

“I want to see cocoa and copra taken on board by our district and province aggressively so that we can revive and enhanced these indigenous crops which have been neglected for many years,” he said.

Continuous downpour wreaks havoc in WNB

The bridge was washed away by flood last weekend following continuous rain in the province, which has wreaked havoc to properties and infrastructure.

One of the bridges that connects Bialla and Kimbe along the New Britain Highway was severely destroyed, leaving commuters stranded on either side of the road.

Provincial Works Manager John Sitapai said bridges along the New Britain Highway, especially Ivule and Tiauru, are at major risk when it floods, which is also a threat to local economy.