West New Britain Province

K200,000 for Talasea Cocoa Rehab

Talasea MP and WNB Governor, Francis Galia Maneke when presenting the cheque said cocoa is a very important commodity that the district has embark on to help people grow and become economic independent.

“I want to see cocoa and copra taken on board by our district and province aggressively so that we can revive and enhanced these indigenous crops which have been neglected for many years,” he said.

Continuous downpour wreaks havoc in WNB

The bridge was washed away by flood last weekend following continuous rain in the province, which has wreaked havoc to properties and infrastructure.

One of the bridges that connects Bialla and Kimbe along the New Britain Highway was severely destroyed, leaving commuters stranded on either side of the road.

Provincial Works Manager John Sitapai said bridges along the New Britain Highway, especially Ivule and Tiauru, are at major risk when it floods, which is also a threat to local economy.

Gov’t believes in equal employment opportunities: Minister

Minister Wong said this during the official opening of the 10th Policewomen's Advisory Network conference in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, on Monday.

Minister Wong said at present, 16 women were appointed to various positions of authority and trust as CEOs and secretaries of government agencies, demonstrating the government's commitment towards empowering women in the society.

Proper bridge for Bialla needed

The Ivule Bridge has always been Mother Nature’s target during prolonged wet seasons, causing problems for commuters travelling to and from the New Britain Highway.

Wereh said currently there is an ongoing program to replace 14 bridges under the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) and Asian Development Bank.

He said the Ivule Bridge is a critical bridge but has always been a problem.

“Our future plan is to talk to donors to extend the program where they can take these additional bridges in the existing program,” stated Wereh.

Contractors to be held accountable

That was the clear message delivered by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill when opening a new classroom in Kimbe, West New Britain Province.

“Continuing to improve education is our government’s commitment to our future generations,” he reiterated.

“Better education provides the greatest hope for our children, particularly in remote and rural areas.

“In 2018 we have allocated K1.29 billion for the education sector, which is nearly 9 percent of National Budget. This is an increase of 13 percent from the 2017 Supplementary Budget.”

Tribe launches law and order initiative

Meeting with the Police Commissioner, Gari Baki recently, the leaders said the purpose of the initiative was to bring back the good image of the Bakovi tribe to its original.

Baki said the Bakovi tribe has lost precedence and in its place has now brought shame and embarrassment to the people of Bakovi with the endless breakdown of law and order.

The meeting with the 157 clan leaders was also to iron out law and order issues that have been outstanding for the last six months.

SME prepares for PNG Games

With less than 20 days to go, Taubar Trading, located at Kapore, which is close to the Kapore mini stadium, is one of those SMEs.

Owner, Nenet Porchy, says his wife and family have been looking forward to the games and have been preparing for the last couple of months.

In an interview with TVWan News, Porchy says: “We are looking forward to the games and have stocked up to serve athletes coming from other centres.

“We are also serving our community in our oil palm blocks and confident to deliver to the people.”

Child protection is your business

Acting executive director for the National Office of Child and Family Services, Simon Yanis, says PNG has a mammoth task in changing the mindset of people in respect to children’s issues.

Yanis was speaking recently at the first-ever integrated child protection training conducted in Bialla, West New Britain Province, through the Public-Private and Donor Partnership between Hargy Oil Palm Limited and the National Office for Child and Family Services.

Tribe’s historical K98,000 bride price payment

The tribe recently took part in a bride price ceremony at Gavuone village in the Abau district of Central Province, paying for Captain Steward Kadiko’s wife.

After months of planning and preparation, Captain Kadiko has decided to finally pay bride price for his wife as a sign of chieftaincy in his tribe.

Raised in a Nakanai culture, Capt Kadiko always kept his traditional values close to heart.

Last Thursday, he flew in 70 of his tribesmen from Hoskins in West New Britain to witness the occasion.

​PIH to host advanced care camp

The 3-day advanced cardiac camp has been organised with the West New Britain Provincial Health Authority.

The camp commences today, July 5, and runs through to Friday, July 7, and will be stationed at the Kimbe General Hospital.

The camp will conduct ECG tests, echo-cardiogram & will have a senior consultant (cardiologist) – Dr Suresh Venkita – counselling patients, for free.

He will also talk to the aggregated medical fraternity (grand round) on the medical aspects of heart failure, in a talk titled “Heart Failure - Recent Advances” on Friday (8am – 9am).