NCD Police

‘Let them come in and attend classes’

More than 50 police vehicles entered the University of Papua New Guinea’s main Waigani campus at around 4.45am today.

Police Commissioner Gari Baki told Loop PNG that police have been on ground since 3am.He wouldn’t disclose the exact number of law enforcers deployed.

The students removed the blockade at the main entrance of the Waigani campus because they decided that it was illegal.

“Let them come in and attend classes,” the student leader said.

Another student asked: “If they’re all here then who’s on the streets?”

More than 50 police vehicles enter UPNG Waigani campus

Police Commissioner Gari Baki told Loop PNG that police have been on ground since 3am.He wouldn’t disclose the exact number of law enforcers deployed.

They are there to "restore normalcy", Baki stated.

The issue of them being armed is as per their "duty requirements".

The operation contains all four mobile squads in POM, general duties and HQ staff, as well as Bomana staff  who will be on duty.

Students, on the other hand, are intimidated by the presence of the armed personnel.

All the students are now gathered at the Forum Square.

PNGTA president held for sexual assault

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi told Loop PNG that Mowana, who was picked up at his Gerehu residence this morning, was brought into the Gerehu station and questioned over allegations of sexual assault.

The complaint was laid last Saturday on an incident that stems from allegations that Mowana had indecently touched a female staff of his on more than one occasion.

Initially, the complaint was placed through the sexual offences squad at Boroko, which led to him being picked up by Gerehu-based Criminal Investigation Department officers.

Anjo’s court order not “in order”

Commander Kalaut said the court order relates to a previous assembly and does not apply to any new marches that will be instituted.

Kalaut was answering queries about the proposed court order in place where Anjo obtained from the National Court.

The order from Justice David Cannings will not cover his current police command.

Anjo has been stating online that the court order prevents members or any member of the police force from interfering, harassing or intimidating members or any member of the public from conducting a peaceful protest.

Turi says protest not approved

NCD metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi told Loop PNG that because the request was delivered today, there will be insufficient time to get logistics and clearance from police for Monday’s planned protest.

He adds also that there needs to be a 14-day notice ahead of the protest, which is not the case for the current request.

However, Turi said he will consider the protest if the activists agree to hold the forum after the two-week clearance period that falls after May 19.

Police to monitor UPNG

Police have been tasked to keep an eye on the students’ engagements as well as monitor for opportunists who would want to take advantage of tensions that may arise on the ground.

NCD metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi tells Loop PNG that while presently the situation is calm and quiet, his commanders have all been notified and will be taking the UPNG area into consideration in their operational runs.

Boroko cell renovation progressing

NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut tells Loop PNG that the work is at a costing of K500,000

To date the work is running within budget.

He adds that there are also plans in place for the set up of a courtroom to hear minor cases in the station.

Kalaut says he is encouraged by the progress made as it is falling within the set deadline of the renovation, with remandees to be moved in by mid-May once all work is completed.


Man warned after assaulting rowdy neighbors

Nearby residents alerted the police, resulting in the three men ending up at the Six-Mile Police Station.

It was alleged that the 45-year-old man was swearing and then resorted to bashing up his two Tari neighbours after they kept him awake with their music following a night of drinking.

The two Tari men, aged 34 and 42, were reportedly drunk since Thursday and were causing a nuisance at the Six-Mile settlement where they live.

The suspect, a shift worker at a security firm, had just got off a two-day shift and was in a bad mood at the time of the attack.

Boroko cells being cleaned up

The NCD Central police commander Sylvester Kalaut says that they anticipate at least a month before the cells can be prepared for the NCDC Health inspectors to carry out a site inspection to see if the cells can be used again.

The holding cells were condemned after initial health scares and deteriorating plumbing and drainage systems forced the NCD police command to carry out a unique media and health inspection of the facilities early last month.

Police shooting of Jiwaka man being investigated

Thomas Kei is now lying paralysed in a hospital bed at the Port Moresby General Hospital waiting on an operation to remove bullets from his shot up legs.

Molex Mathew a relative looking after him says the man is in a lot of pain as he awaits surgery.

The March 23 incident in now being investigated by the Criminal Investigation Division officers at the police headquarters.

Assistant Police commissioner Crimes Victor Isouve has confirmed that the policeman were under the influence of alcohol at the time of the incident.