NCD Police

Alleged hit-and-run vehicle set on fire

Loop PNG was on scene to capture live images of thick black smoke arising from the burning vehicle as residents stood at the junction to prevent vehicles from going up the street.

According to eyewitnesses, the driver was drunk and was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run accident at Six-Mile. He panicked and tried to escape through Five-Mile by making a sharp turn at a street, where his car overturned.

The vehicle was set on fire by opportunists while the driver made a run for it before the newsroom arrived.

Police operation for NCD Elections on track

The NCD metropolitan police commander Ben Turi has given this assurance when confirming with PNG Loop that his 1,700 police personnel are on standby to deliver the operations.

He says that all NCD polling booths have been confirmed with his operations staff with scheduled personnel to be assigned to man them.

“There will be a minimum of ten officers stationed at the polling sites,” he adds.

NCD Police boss Turi, warn intending candidates

Police will be monitoring the election period with a boost in manpower to make sure that candidates including city residents abide by the law.

A list of guidelines has been put together for candidates who will be contesting the elections to avoid any nuisance or intolerable behaviour.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Ben Turi says police will discourage early campaigning, campaigning in residential areas at odd hours and bribery in the form of cash or kind will not be tolerated.

Refugee arrested over marijuana use

Mohammad Rezza Najafi Movafagh was arrested on Jan 10, 2017 and charged under section 3(1)(d) of the Dangerous Drugs Act.

He is expected to appear in court next week.

The rolls of marijuana were allegedly found in his room on Jan 4 (last Wednesday) by housekeeping staff at the motel he has been residing in. 

When questioned by police CID Drug Squad on Jan 5, he revealed that he brought the drugs from a boy in Boroko and consumes it to relieve himself from stress due to his current condition.

NCD police support GBV protest

The protest will be led by women and youth leaders in Port Moresby and is a call for action for the Government to endorse the National Gender-Based Violence (GBV) Strategy 2016-25.

NCD police boss Ben Turi said police officers will be taking care of roadblocks and control the traffic from the Waigani traffic light to Boroko traffic light.

The event will take place along Waigani Drive and protestors will be stationed at the section of the road that will be blocked off.

Traffic police steps up in for FIFA games

Assistant police commissioner of traffic operations Jerry Frank informed PNG Loop that all pre-operation orders have been issued to all units around the nation’s capital.

Frank advises all Moresby city residents to be mindful of the two week international sporting event that will take place in the city.

He says that police officers have all been briefed and are carrying out prerequisite operations leading up to the November 11 start of event.

NCD police conduct roadblocks

Loop PNG caught up with some police officers who were doing their routine checks at Six Mile- Five Mile roundabout and the new road leading to Erima last night.

Officers at the scene said, they have been searching every passing vehicle since the beginning of this week.

These road blocks and vehicle checks will continue up until the FIFA games next month.

PNG Loop's 5 @ 5

Marum: We have to learn and move forward

Coach of the NGCB PNG PM's XIII, Michael Marum has put it simply that his side just didn't play well all throughout the game.

Enga launches K4.5m health facility

Animal Brain Association members nabbed by police

Apart from the 40 that were caught, more than half of the group fled the drinking spot when police arrived.

Superintendent for Operations Brian Kombe said the students were caught drink homebrew from a bucket as well as a 44 gallon drum of which was brought back to the station with the 40 boys.

Part of the group were homeschoolers’ while the rest attended Dela Salle High School, Kilakila Secondary, Tokara High School, New Erima Primary School and Wardstrip Primary School.

“One was a Second Year student from the University of Technology,” said Kombe.

Police will be on campus ‘for as long as it takes’

NCD metropolitan superintendent Ben Turi told Loop PNG: “We will stay until we get our orders to go out. “We will be here until everything is calm. If they’re doing mass withdrawal, we will stay until everybody is out.”