Police clarify HB issue

An eviction notice was served to the owner of the piece of land at Hanuabada on the 01st of August this year.

This is now according to the Town Police Station Commander, Noel Levi.

Town PSC said the land was already sold off in which the family was supposed to move out then.

They were served the eviction notice after the matter was taken court then.

He said the residents had not moved out since the first notice was served so they were served again on Tuesday morning at their home.

This later resulted in the commotion that took place causing villagers to block off the roads leading into the big village and causing further inconvenience and congestion for PMV’s and commuters.

PSC Levi says that matter will be dealt with in court if the resident wishes to pursue the matter further.

He adds that the police were only there to serve the eviction and not to cause disruption of any sort on the locals.

Meanwhile NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou says he had not ordered for any policemen to serve any evictions notice down at Hanuabada.

However, he says there are also other commands in the police hierarchy that requires police officers to serve notices.

He adds that for the matter in Hanuabada he was not made aware, therefore he would not confirm nor deny the details of the unmarked vehicle and the police officers.

He says details will be compiled and disclosed as soon as they are made available.



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Annette Kora
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