NCD Police

Drug suspicion hauls in Dog squad

The unit was called in to inspect 30 mustard bags in case of drugs being hidden among the cargo.

Airport Police Station Commander Robert Wane says the Dog unit was brought in to give clearance to the bags on site.

The bags were intercepted from a Nuigini Aviation charter place which landed into Port Moresby from Kokoda.

The two suspects Chimbu man and Wabag woman are now detained at the Airport Station waiting to be handed over to the NCDC Buai Enforcement unit.

Airport police intercept mustard bags

Airport Police Station Commander Robert Wane informed PNG Loop that the haul with a street value worth K45,000 was intercepted in a tip-off to police.

The Chimbu man and Wabag woman who accompanied the bags expressed shock as they claim they had an arrangement with the third level airline company Nuigini Aviation.

The woman says they chartered a plane for K6,600 and spent close to K8,000 to buy the daka.

Police brutality just the tip – Kiap

While he does not condone actions  by some police officers, there are some very important issues that the government and other responsible authorities need to look at in terms of adequately addressing the issue of police brutality.

Kiap outlines that police have a lot to deal with in terms of their  attitudes and the type of homes that they come from.

Turi warns police involved in Waigani shooting

The Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi says he has personally sent out a minute to the station commanders and unit leaders of the men involved to bring in the officers implicated in the November 26th incident.

It is alleged, the incident led to the death of a man and the alleged abuse and assault of another man and woman who were with the deceased.

Turi says that investigators have already identified two main suspects who have yet to make themselves available for questioning.

Changes to senior police officers

Three senior officers have been suspended pending investigations while other officers will be shifted around the stations and posts identified.

NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says that this command “clean up” will see some internal transfers for officers to deal with the issue of stagnant positions that may lead to officers also being compromised in the communities that they operate in.

Turi says that he is also dealing with disciplinary issues and non-performance of non commissioned officers (NCO’s) who will be replaced as well.

Morata fight breaks out from drink session

 Three Wabag men were arrested after police found a home made gun in their possession while a Hagen man was also taken in after he tried to stab another Hagen man during the fight.

Reports state that the fight started when a group of Hagen men fought some Wabag men after an argument broke out during a drink up late last night.

Two Hagen men were treated at the Port Moresby General Hospital while a Wabag is being monitored after sustaining stab wounds to his back.

Homebrew drunk arrested for assault

The man, from the Goilala district, was drunk and wanted to bash his wife who was going to the Yakapilin second hand market with her sister when he tracked her down from their Gerehu home and confronted her.

Police report that the man was heavily under the influence of home brew alcohol when he punched his wife. He was subdued by a group of men who were standing at the bus stop area.

The 29 year old man was angry with his 26 year old wife after he suspected that she was cheating on him with a co-worker.

Stolen cars found in Vadavada Taurama area

The car was taken from a family at 9 mile earlier this month when they were held up by three armed men while travelling to their 14 mile home.

The Hagen family reported the matter to police who have been investigating the case.

Police state that the car was reported seen by  members of the Vadavada community and was recovered by a unit on patrol in the area.

Meantime another car was recovered outside the mangrove patches growing in the Taurama housing estates adjacent to the Taurama army barracks this afternoon.

Bus driver arrested for assault

The man was intercepted by a Hohola patrol unit who were alerted by a tip-off that the man would be at the main bus stop.

Shocked bus passengers and a few motorists were stunned as the driver was taken away by police officers.

The man had reportedly bashed up his wife on New Year’s eve after he had come home and realised that his dinner was not ready.

The wife has received treatment for a dislocated shoulder and bruised face.

​Port Moresby awakes to a quiet day

PNG Loop was told that no major incidences were reported with only minor incidences of drunk and disorderly behaviour.  

Two youths were arrested this morning at the Boroko shopping area for being under the influence of Marijuana.

Both suspects aged 15 and 17 are now detained at Boroko. In another incident a man was arrested this morning near the Yakapilin second hand store for exposing himself in public.

The man aged 29 was under the influence of home brew and exposing his private parts to woman at the market area. Charges have yet to be laid on him.