robbery suspects

Police on alert for robbery suspects

According to the Hohola police station NCO, Beven Kamong, the robbery took place on one of the businesses houses at the Kunai street.

The four men held up the employees taking belongings and a number of laptops.

Police say they were initially alerted through a post on the NCD alert page that stated that the staff were held up at gun point.

Four company laptops and cash amounting to about K6000 were stolen along with staff mobile phones and other personal belongings.

​Armed Robbery Suspects still at Large

K1.2M belonging was confirmed to have been taken by five armed suspects.

Police believe that the robbery was an inside job as they walked in undetected knowing exactly where the money was in the loading terminal.

Airport Commander Robert Wane says the money was left at the airport on the previous day (Wednesday) and was in the process of being loaded into the chartered plane yesterday morning when the armed men held up the staff.