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NCD police to offer support PNG Games

This was the assurance given by the NCDC Urban Safety Director, Paul Komboi who explains that they can do arrests and even attend court should the situation arise.

Komboi says that these personnel are duty officers on secondment from their stations hence they can be used to assist in with normal police work and duties.

“They can help by attending to complaints and help prevent or deter crime in and around the main game venues and locations”, he said.

Police warn of uniformed criminals

Most criminals are using uniforms to gain trust before a hold- up or robbery is carried out.

On Wednesday, police apprehended two suspects who were part of a gang of men dressed in police uniforms as well as uniforms from other organisations.

The men were allegedly intercepted by a mobile squad unit around 11am, following a failed alleged hold-up.  

Police say at least one suspect was in a police uniform while another had on a T-Shirt with the logo of the Labour department.

High school students beware: Police

This comes after numerous reports of students getting drunk after their exams and getting caught by law enforcement officers.

Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu, said police will be patrolling the city outskirts where students tend to frequent to have drink ups.

“We have experienced this before when exams ends and we are expecting it yet again come the turnaround times for the high schools here in NCD,” he said.

Meantime, Tundu urged parents to also take responsibility of their children and check up on them after hours especially after schools on Fridays.

Boroko market now a petty crime pool

Residents along the Boroko Market strip of road and surrounding areas have complained about the increase of petty crime in the area.

Police in response to this calls said they are doing everything they can to curb this activities.

NCD Superintendent for Operations, Fred Tundu said there is also more assistance needed from NCD Authorities to help law enforcement crunch down on this illegal activities.

VIDEO: Turi wants Kalaut sidelined

This follows the arson incident on Thursday 05th of October, which almost saw the two storey police building at Boroko police station which accommodates the NCD Commander's office space, prosecutions and the CID.

Imelda Wavik with more

(Pictured -NCD Central commander Sylvester Kalaut)

Police boss clarifies reservists’ role

The clarification, from the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Commander Ben Turi, follows concerns raised by the public on a number of illegal operations, allegedly by these officers.

Turi explained that these personnel operating under the urban safety logo are recognised reservists who are helping ensure the smooth running of the city.

The police boss was queried on some of their notorious activities, like an incident that occurred early last month where urban safety officers, in police uniforms, allegedly raided vendors at a hospital bus stop and assaulted a young man.

VIDEO: Turi clarifies police uniform scandal

This comes following concerns raised by the public about disreputable actions being carried out by these Urban Safety officers. 


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NCD urban safety officials not recognized by police

The Supt Ops reiterated this following much discrimination and criticism from the public after countless incidences involving the NCD urban safety officials.

 The superintendent operations said such cases were a result of Urban safety men wearing police uniforms to perform their duties; sometimes in very inappropriate ways.

Tundu said there has also been public discrimination against police, even on social media – where they are criticized for many of the actions they did not perform.

Execution style killing

Describing the incident as an execution, NCD Metropolitan police commander, Ben Turi says that Konga was followed by his killers in two separate vehicles.

At around 1am, Konga was driving along the Freeway towards Hohola where he resides, when he was shot.

Initial reports say that the victim was tailed by a White 5 Door Toyota Landcruiser from the Tunnel peel off behind the Stop and Shop Waigani Central side route, then cut off by a Green 5th element Ute in front of the Hastings Deering area.

NCD police unit receive support for operations

The laptop was presented to Tundu by the Managing Director of National Development Bank..

The Superintendent Operations was pleased with the donation and assured the MD that the equipment will be put into good use.

He further stressed that technology is increasing and criminals are making use of it to commit crimes, adding that because of this the police have to be equipped with the right technology to combat crimes.

This donation will be used to facilitate for the newly created Facebook page for the unit called "NCD Superintendent Operation Support Unit".