Illegal ammunition found in Government vehicle

A man was found with 5 boxes of ammunition which he alleges to have bought off the streets, this has raised concerns with NCD police who are now looking into the matter.

The suspect has been held with charges of possession of live ammunition and misuse of government vehicle during a road check in the nation’s capital.

The man in his late 30’s from Kompiam in the Enga province, was intercepted on New Year’s Eve by police personnel at the ATS Oro block area.

The police pulled over the man after they spotted him to be under the heavy influence of alcohol and discovered the 5 boxes of 9mm 50 rounds.

The NCD Superintendent of operations, Michael Tilae says that upon review it was established that the man has a fire-arm license but could not produce a receipt for the ammunition found.

Tilae says that the suspect currently locked up in the Boroko cells, has admitted to buying the bullets off the streets through illegal means.

This is now being looked at by police who are also in the process of verifying with the identified government department who owns the vehicle that the man was driving at the time of the incident.

The Supt Ops says that the man is also claiming to be a staff officer for a department secretary which police have yet to verify and confirm.

Most likely the man will not be able to apply for police bail as Tilae says that charges related to fire-arms are not taken lightly given the implications that they carry.

More on this case soon.






Julianna Waeda