NCD Police

Anjo seeks legal action over interference over protest

Anjo tells PNG Loop that he filed the notice of motion papers yesterday (March 21) with a court date set for April  29.

A statement of charge directed at NCD Metropolitan Police Commander Ben Turi has also been given to him.

The statement of charge read that Turi would be charged with contempt of court charges in line with the October 1, 2014 court order stopping police from interfering with protests carried out by Anjo.

Anjo further alleges that the peaceful gathering turned  confrontational with police was in line with the October court order.

Man kills ex lover

The 40 year old killed the Central woman and later surrendered himself to police on Thursday (18th February).

Gordons police commander Joseph Sale told PNG Loop the man slashed the woman twice on her head with a long bush knife that killed her instantly.

Sale says the man was upset with the woman for leaving him for another Western highlands man.                                                         

Youths arrested for drugs and homebrew

The three aged between 15 and 17 were under the heavy influence of homebrew and marijuana at the time of their arrests.

The youths were picked up by a patrol car that was doing routine checks in the area.

Meantime in another incident near the area another man was also picked up for drinking in a public place.

The three youths are now at the  juvenile cells at Boroko and will be questioned and charged.

Meanwhile, the man 38 from Chimbu has been detained at the Badili police station.

Police not cooperating in HB investigations

Numerous letters have been written to Port Moresby based police to come forward with firearms and statements to no avail.


That’s from Acting Crimes Director, Moses Ibsagi, who now has to deal with frustrated relatives from Hanuabada who have threatened to protest what appears to be a lack of willingness on the part of police to arrest the shooters.

His investigation team had requested officers to provide details on the type of weapons they have been carrying whilst on duty.

Man attacked by Ex’s new man outside club

The man from Madang was attacked by the Rabaul man along with three of his male relatives who were allegedly under the influence of alcohol.

The matter was reported at the Boroko police station by the victim, 34, after the four men jumped him outside the club and smashed the windscreen of his vehicle.

Police say the four were in another vehicle at the time of the incident and spotted the man outside the club.

Food, cash and appliances stolen from family home

The men cut through the fence to gain entry into the premises.

They stole K5000 worth of electrical appliances, K600 cash and K400 worth of food from the fridge.

The matter was reported to the police who are now looking into the matter.

In another incident in the Tokarara area, three youths were picked up today near the old TST Fire site after they were observed to be high on marijuana.

The three from Hagen aged between 15 and 17 are now detained at the Boroko juvenile cells waiting to be processed by officers.

Tari attacker strikes again

According to Moresby police the suspect 45, slashed the victim 52, on his head and shoulders leaving him to bleed out near a group of tucker shops.

The suspect, identified also to be from Tari, has gone into hiding.

Police have also uncovered additional information linking the suspect to another attack on a man and his wife in late 2013 as well as the attack of another man in May last year.

Commotion at Six-Mile nabs drug runner

The 23-year-old Hagen Central man was selling drugs when he spotted the 28-year-old Tari man who owed him some money.

Eye witnesses told police that the Hagen man took out a bush knife but the Tari man ran off.

Police on patrol towards Saraga Street spotted the commotion and intervened to calm the situation.

Upon searching the man the police also uncovered 8kg of packed marijuana on him.

This means that the man will also be facing charges for drug possession as well as disturbing the peace and threatening with a dangerous weapon.

Vendors brawl over price of goods

The two men from Tari resorted to swinging punches at around 10am much to the shock of onlookers who say that the men allegedly appeared to be under the influence of alcohol.

Both man are now detained at the Boroko cells awaiting charges.

Meanwhile, another fight took place between the fish vendors at around lunch time today.

A woman from Hula got into a fight with a Gabagaba woman who owed her some money from last year.

The Hula woman bashed up the other woman who went into hiding from her since last November after she borrowed K500 from her.

Nil arrests is disappointing – Lohia on Hanuabada killings

Hanuabada is a stone’s throw away from the PNG police headquarters at Konedobu. The headquarters sits on traditional land ironically owned by Hanuabada.

12 months, the widow of one of the deceased and the parents of the other – have no closure.

No one has been arrested in relation to the deaths of Nicholas Rarua and Toka Gaudi.

“It is rather sad and disappointing that after so many commitments and promises of imminent arrest, we find ourselves with no arrest.”

That’s from Lohia Boe Samuel, who heads the group Motu Koitabu the Way Forward (MKTWF).