NCD Police

No tolerance for drunk driving: NCD Police

This was reiterated by NCD Superintendent for Operations, Michael Tilae.

“This is a straight warning to those people who like drinking on moving vehicles around the city.”

Police will be targeting this area very carefully during random road blocks and vehicles checks.

Tactical road blocks will be set up in critical areas considering that no liquor ban has been imposed in the nation’s capital.

“Police will make sure that road blocks are set purposely to make the roads safer for the drivers, pedestrians and commuters to move around in the city.”

NCD Crime report for last 7 days

Reports were presented by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou in a media briefing on Tuesday.

Crimes reported to police stations around Port Moresby include five reports of armed hold-up of cars, one report of grievous bodily harm, one report of rape, one report of illegal land grabbing, two reports of stealing, one report of false pretense and one report of official corruption.

N’Dranou said of the five vehicles that were stolen; only two were recovered, while investigations are still progressing into the whereabouts of the other three vehicles.


No liquor ban for Pom: Police

According to Superintendent Operations, Chris Tamari, the ban was uplifted a few years back and Christmas operations have been ongoing without the ban on liquor.

He said although this may be good news for alcoholics and drinkers around the city, they should not take advantage of this and do as they please.

For NCD alone, operations have started with a recent high visibility of police of men who will be instructed to carry out strict orders for the road blocks and vehicle checks.

NCD Police set to launch festive operations

This comes after NCD Metropolitan Superintendent; Perou N’Dranou announced that the NCD Christmas Operations will be launched at the Five Mile Jack Pidik Park next week Tuesday 19th December.

The operation will be launched by the Divisional Commander for NCD/ Central, Donald Yamasombi.

The Met Sup has requested for all police personnel to be present in their full attire (Uniforms) during the launch.

This includes Special Services Division, the Dog Unit, and all internal manpower of all units including all reservists in NCD.

N’Dranou highlights need for missing person’s unit

This has however come to light on the rise of reports coming in of men, women and children going missing.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou, said they have been having talks amongst the hierarchy to set up a unit.

He said just like Family Sexual Violence Unit (FSVU), it had never been a traditional police unit until the 2000’s because of the increases of this incident.

“The same is now being seen in the missing persons cases.”

Police will not tolerate domestic violence: N’Dranou

Police recently confirmed cases of sexual harassment at the work place and domestic violence on female victims.

The first case took place two weeks ago on a Thursday at Harness Energy at Napanapa which saw the case being reported to the Town Police station.

NCD Police Boss, Perou N’Dranou confirmed the report with the Town police station commander who said that the suspect was formerly employed by Harness Energy but has now been terminated after the domestic violence incident.

He was arrested and later released on bail last week.

NCD police festive opps to be launched

NCD Police Boss, Perou N’Dranou confirmed this in a media briefing on Tuesday in Port Moresby.

Perou said whilst operations have started with night vehicle checks and road blocks, but the operations will officially go into full swing when it launches in the coming week.

The Met Supt said the draft of the operational orders has been prepared and will be handed over to the NCD/Central commander for approval.

He explains because commander looks after NCD and Central Province and therefore will have to launch the operations for both commands.


No road blocks unless authorized by station commanders

This was strongly reiterated by the NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’dranou in response to the number of complaints about lone police officers standing at unusual locations in the city and stopping vehicles to check.

N’Dranou said such road blocks are not supposed to be conducted at all unless the PSC is present to supervise the operation.

He urged the general public to report to the nearest police station in the event that they sense anything unusual about the road blocks being conducted.

Police clarify HB issue

This is now according to the Town Police Station Commander, Noel Levi.

Town PSC said the land was already sold off in which the family was supposed to move out then.

They were served the eviction notice after the matter was taken court then.

He said the residents had not moved out since the first notice was served so they were served again on Tuesday morning at their home.

Police on alert for robbery suspects

According to the Hohola police station NCO, Beven Kamong, the robbery took place on one of the businesses houses at the Kunai street.

The four men held up the employees taking belongings and a number of laptops.

Police say they were initially alerted through a post on the NCD alert page that stated that the staff were held up at gun point.

Four company laptops and cash amounting to about K6000 were stolen along with staff mobile phones and other personal belongings.