Town police ready for 2018

Earlier tonight our newsroom caught up with the police personnel stationed at town.

Personnel there are tasked to carry out patrols as well as support with numerous road checks around the Badili, Burns peak and Kanudi areas.

Town police station commander, Ben Levi said that his personnel were ready to bring in the New Year and encouraged members of the community to celebrate within the confines of the law.

PSC Levi says that one challenge his personnel is having is the scope of his prescient which runs from Koki to Koko and at times even the Napanapa area as it encroaches onto his area of operations.

He says that this does not however impede on the work that is being carried out adding that he is encouraged that the task to serve the community is one that his officers can handle.

For now PSC Levi is encouraging all residents around the town area to be mindful of the type of celebrations that they hold and ensure that they do not go over the limit of celebrations.


Police personnel at the Badili road check earlier tonight 

Julianna Waeda