Drunk men attempt to drive through road check

NCD residents are being warned to not drink and drive.

At around 8pm tonight an intoxicated driver was trying to make a get-away at the road check at the UPNG area when police intercepted the vehicle.

The driver had attempted to by-pass the police check by pulling out of the long que at the UPNG area and running a double blinker through the road check.

However fast reaction by the Acting group Commander Papua, Rumut Pachichi saw the car being pulled aside and checked.

The driver along with his two occupants were searched and found to be in an intoxicated with alcohol in the ten sitter they were in.

Police at the road check had to commandeer the car and have the three men placed under observation as they were seen to be intoxicated.

Commander Pachichi says that residents need to be mindful that the police are here to serve them and ensure that they do not get into unnecessary trouble.

Such cases ironically seem to be common as the city waits on the New Year with some residents taking to drinking then heading out to celebrate or returning from a night out.

NCD Metropolitan police Commander, Perou N’Dranou has to date issued countless reminders for residents to be mindful of such cases and refrain from drinking and driving.

The Met Supt says that such cases can lead to unnecessary grief at this time of celebrations.



Julianna Waeda