NCD Police

Dog unit banned in city

This directive comes from the office of the NCD Metropolitan superintendent, Perou N'Dranou, following reports of police harassment in the last two weeks.

The harassment were mostly related to vending in public places.

The main push factor for this ban was an incident last Wednesday when a unit chasing vendors at the Hohola market, shot teargas into the air to disperse the crowd. But this was meters from the nearby Sacred Heart primary school which saw a few students injured and rushed to the hospital.

Gordons police tackle dirty streets

Leading the charge, was OIC Beat, Charles Pokom who explained that the initiative was to ensure that the police create awareness about keeping the streets clean not just in terms of law and order but also in appearance.

Pokom says that usually the community in the nation’s capital have a bad impression of the Gordons bus stop and surrounding shop areas, he says this will now be a thing of the past.

This initiative is a station concept that the Gordons Beat came up with to help clear up previous mis-conceptions as well as set the new more positive tone for the area.

Sexual crime offences rise

According to CID and Homicide, there has been an increase in cases relating to sex crime offences relating mainly to minors.

OIC Homicide, John Daviagi said they have been attending to reports and investigating cases of sex crimes involving minors and have recently seen an increase in the crime.

Daviagi said it is practically from within the family.

“The perpetrators are not always outsiders and are mainly within the families and communities.”

Police appeal for help with cases

Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou stated this when giving an update on outstanding cases from 2017.

Some outstanding cases yet to make break through involve the shooting of former BDA Chairman, Fred Konga, the alleged shooting of the young man at Erima, the body of the IBS student found at the Treasury building including the case of veteran journalist Rosalyn Albaniel among others.

“We just need a breakthrough somehow. The police are working their hardest to complete the cases.”


Police monitor situation at Badihagwa

Witness on ground said the conflict was between Goilala settlers in the area and a group of Eastern Highlanders.

They say this morning’s incident transpired from another incident yesterday, where a worker with the construction company Chinese Harbour injured himself, falling from an off-loader.

According to a local, Maraga Maraga, tensions began when two Goilala boys were caught trying to steal fine sand from the company, to sell for themselves.


Concerns over sexual related offences

The NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou stated that the crimes reported to police stations around Port Moresby include;

  • Four reports on armed robberies;
  • Five reports filed on armed hold ups and stolen vehicles;
  • Three breaks and enter and stealing reports filed;
  • Four homicide cases filed;
  • Six reports on sexual related offense filed and
  • One case of fraud.

NCD Metropolitan Superintendent, Perou N’Dranou reiterated again that his main concern is the reports filed for sexual related offence.

Stay on Gordons eviction remains

Lawyers representing parties of the eviction saga over the festive period will present submissions next week on whether the current temporary stay order on the eviction be upheld or dismissed.

Magistrate, Jimmy Tapat, of the Port Moresby District Court said this when adjourning the matter this morning.

In the meantime the status quo is maintained allowing the grieving party, Lucy Agen and Cecilia Sam, to remain at the property they were evicted from on December 24th 2017.

Illegal ammunition found in Government vehicle

The suspect has been held with charges of possession of live ammunition and misuse of government vehicle during a road check in the nation’s capital.

The man in his late 30’s from Kompiam in the Enga province, was intercepted on New Year’s Eve by police personnel at the ATS Oro block area.

The police pulled over the man after they spotted him to be under the heavy influence of alcohol and discovered the 5 boxes of 9mm 50 rounds.

NCD Met Supt wraps up festive operations

In a media debriefing this morning, the NCD Metropolitan police commander, Perou N’Dranou highlighted that the operations have seen much improvement in the way people have behaved.

The Met Supt reiterated that the community should be commended for improving, despite reports of fatalities, drink driving, alcohol related fights, and disturbances which are common during such periods.

N’Dranou took the opportunity to challenge the community to be more proactive in the way that they dealt with law and order issues.

HB homebrew issue highlighted

Town police station commander, Ben Levi says that his personnel have to date caught numerous PMV busses smuggling the illegal alcohol out of the Hanuabada area.

He says that the festive period has seen more offenders try to take homebrew out of the village to run sales in other communities.

PSC Levi says that he is working on dialogue with leaders at the big village to deal with this issue which leads to numerous law and order situations around the community.