Police warn of uniformed criminals

NCD police are warning the public that there is a new trend in hold-up in the city.

Most criminals are using uniforms to gain trust before a hold- up or robbery is carried out.

On Wednesday, police apprehended two suspects who were part of a gang of men dressed in police uniforms as well as uniforms from other organisations.

The men were allegedly intercepted by a mobile squad unit around 11am, following a failed alleged hold-up.  

Police say at least one suspect was in a police uniform while another had on a T-Shirt with the logo of the Labour department.

Police suspected that the six men were opportunists, whom at the time of the interception were cruising around the Malolo estate looking for potential hold-up victims.

The police gave chase to the suspects, who fled to the nearby settlements.

Police managed to capture two of the men who are now in custody.

A white land cruiser ten-seater was used as their get- away vehicle which they abandoned while being pursued.

Imelda Wavik