Police refrained from conducting further evictions

He said he has been informed about the situation regarding the eviction of tenants at Gordon’s and has issued a directive to officers to refrain from further action.

Tenants at Gordon claim that six vehicles with fully armed SSD officers evicted them on the eve of Christmas with a court order.

Pachichi says he has seen the purported court order for the eviction of the tenants.

He informed this newsroom that he personally questioned the validity of the court order and is seeking clarification from his superiors as well as from the Constabulary’s lawyers.

Frustrated locals block off HB road

Villagers have blocked off the main road.

This comes after a local was served an eviction by an unmarked white 10 seater with police men dressed in police task force uniform.

Landowner and resident for 46 years, Gari Garia told Loop PNG that the matter was still in court adding that this came as a surprise to him and his family.

Village elders confirmed also that they had no knowledge of the matter.

They said it is their understanding that any matter regarding land issues, they should be consulted.