NCD Police

Police arrest two for drugs

The fight was between a Sepik man and his Wabag neighbour and was reportedly related to a previous fight on Christmas night.

Gerehu police say that the incident which was reported at 8am today.

Police report that the fight was between the two men who were arguing over a compensation claim that the Sepik man's son owed to the Wabag man.

Both men were brought into the station and told to have a mediation meeting to settle the issue.

NCD Police make progress on the Condom Saga

NCD police told PNG Loop that they will work to bring in the main culprits implicated in the video.

NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut says while the suspected officer and venue have been identified they will need the victims statement to tie up the case.

Kalaut assures that this case is far from over and appeals to the woman and her relatives to make the bold step to come forward.

Meantime Police Comissioner Gari Baki says he is encouraged that his officers will deal with the case adding that he will make sure that justice is served on the victim.

Christmas period quiet in NCD

NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut says the city has had no major reported incidences, while he further commended the community to keep up the positive atmosphere through to the New Year period.

Kalaut says however, that there have been numerous driving charges given out to motorists who were arrested for drink-driving around the city.

He is calling for people to be mindful of driving laws and refrain from driving under the influence of alcohol to ensure accidents are avoided during this festive period.

Money leads to two woman fight

The two women aged 29 and 37 fought over some loan issues.

The older woman owed the younger one K500 but had been  in hiding until she was caught near the TST four mile area.

As shocked on lookers watched the 29 year old woman attacked the other woman in the car park of the shop.

Police report that the two women were pulled apart by members of the public who brought them to the Boroko police station to be dealt with.

Meanwhile, another woman was arrested this morning after she tried to stab her husband at the same location, the main 4 mile bus stop.

​Drug and home brew arrests at 9 mile

The two men, aged 25 and 38, were arrested with almost 5kg of marijuana after police were tipped off by members of the community.

Police report that the two men are now being detained and will most likely be charged with drug possession and intent to sell.

Meantime, two youths from Goilala in Central Province were picked up around the nine mile area at lunch time today.

The two, aged 15 and 17, were under the influence of home brew alcohol and trying to pick fights with passengers at the main bus stop area.

Both youths are now at the Boroko police cells.

​Public help catch car thieves

They were foiled when bystanders  decided to intervene and save the would-be victim.

One attacker aged 15 and the two others aged 17 were trying to force a driver out of his CRV car when the crowd turned on them and stepped in to chase them away.

Ironically the three were picked up by a nearby police unit who were on route to the Boroko police station for a change of shift.

The three were chased by some members of the public who attracted the attention of the police who stepped in to chase and apprehend the youths near the old Pacific International Hospital site.

NCD police to begin pre-Christmas operations

 NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi says that orders have been drafted and handed to all his commanding officers.

The operations will consists of the usual foot beat patrols as well as the usual road checks and random car stops by patrol units.

Port Moresby residents are asked to cooperate with police while the operations run through to the main festive season and to the new year operations.

Turi also warned people to take heed of the operations  and to co-operate with the police and ensure that the pre-festive season is a peaceful one.


Men arrested for fighting

The fight was in relation to a previous confrontation over land payments.

Both men who are first cousins started throwing punches which escalated to both of them taking out big machetes.

The incident took place at around 6am and shocked many early morning market vendors and buyers.

Fortunately the two were pulled apart by the crowds who handed them over to a passing police vehicle.

Police say both men will be charged with disturbing the peace and on separate counts of threatening with a deadly weapon.

NCD Police warn public

NCD Metropolitan police Commander Ben Turi says the proposed opposition forum is illegal and will not be entertained.

Turi said anyone gathered today at Jack Pidik park will face arrests and be charged under the peace and good order act.

Police have been tasked to maintain law and order.

Jack Pidik Park was devoid of people as police numbers increased around the edges of the park this morning with no show from representatives of the opposition.

Two cars recovered from Morata

Both vehicles were discovered near the community hall area but it has yet to be established if both were taken by the same group of men.

One of the cars, a CRV vehicle, was taken at the Town area late Friday (16th October) night from a Central family at the Touaguba Hill area.

The family was driving out of their home when they were held up by three armed men who forced the father, mother and two small boys out of the car.

They took off with three mobile phones and K2000 in cash which had been left in the car.