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Turi calls for support from MPs

Moresby North-East - Labi Amaiu,  Moresby North-West – Michael Malabag,  Moresby South – Justin Tkatchenko and NCD Regional – Powes Parkop, are the electorates and MPs in the nation’s capital.  

The NCD police boss questioned why local parliamentarians failed to financially help fund the festive season operation in the city.

“Four MPs have failed us financially.”

He added that police need more vehicles to show presence.

“We need five cars in each station to complement the operations.”


NCD police out in full force

Kalaut told a media briefing on New Years Eve that 400 police personnel will be on duty.

He has advised city residents to respect one another when celebrating.

The NCD/Central Commander added that Down Town Port Moresby, Kaugere, Gerehu, Morata and all settlements will have full police presence throughout the festive period. 

NCDC officers continue operations

Kiap spoke with PNG Loop at the University roadblock last night highlighting that he had more than five units on hand  last night to assist police at road blocks and checks  last night.

Kiap also commended the efforts of all the police personnel, saying his officers stood ready to assist with policing needs.

Kiaps says his reservists will assist in all festive operations throughout the city,  and adds that all his officers will be monitored.

Condom Saga: Calls for protests

This stems from the case of the video that showed police men intimidating a woman to swallow condoms which has sparked outrage among many online users both within and outside the country.

A protest calling for an End to Police Brutality, Stop Violence against women and Human Rights Abuse is being called for as many users have expressed outrage and disgust at what was documented in the video that was uploaded on Facebook.

Condom Saga: Police appeal to victim’s relatives

NCD Central Commander Sylvester Kalaut says the main thing to focus on is to reach the victim and ensure that she has timely access to health services as well as police and legal help.

Kalaut says that relatives have spoken with him while also handing over the name of at least one of the officers alleged to have been involved in the gruesome act.

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NCD Police make progress on the Condom Saga

Police in NCD have made progress into the Condom Saga video.


O’Neill: Please take care on roads

Police see drop in alcohol-related incidences

In an interview with PNG Loop NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut says his officers have reported that unlike previous festive periods this season was good.

He admits that part of the success was partially due to reverse psychology in terms of the behaviour of the people.

By not imposing a liquor ban he says people have been behaving themselves and indirectly drinking responsibly.

Christmas Eve saw many roadblocks and spot checks carried out while on Christmas night only a few patrols as well as roadblocks were set up.

NCD police recover stolen vehicles

NCD Central Police Commander Sylvester Kalaut says the three cars were recovered over the last 48 hours.

He says the cars were all reportedly stolen before the festive season started and recovered at different locations throughout the city.

Kalaut warned Port Moresby residents to take heed and use caution when out and about in the city during the festive period.

He added that there has been an increase in vehicle theft leading up to the festive season, which is why he is calling on motorists in the city to be wary and alert at all times when out and about.

Men arrested on drug charges

The two aged 23 and 34 from Northern Province were detained by police who acted on a tip-off by informants.

Police say the men are now detained at the Boroko cells and will be charged with drug possession and intent to sell.

Meanwhile, in an unrelated incident another man was also picked up near the Port Moresby General Hospital area at lunch time today with 2kg of Marijuana.

The man 29 also from Northern Province is now detained at the Boroko cells.

Police arrest two for drugs

The fight was between a Sepik man and his Wabag neighbour and was reportedly related to a previous fight on Christmas night.

Gerehu police say that the incident which was reported at 8am today.

Police report that the fight was between the two men who were arguing over a compensation claim that the Sepik man's son owed to the Wabag man.

Both men were brought into the station and told to have a mediation meeting to settle the issue.