2017 National Election

Party: Reducing personal income tax a priority

Included in its party policies, the SDP plans to reduce personal taxes and progressively increase the minimum tax thresholds over a period of time.

Party leader and candidate for NCD Governor seat, Powes Parkop, said they will encourage personal savings and individual spending on goods and services.

The policy outlines that the spending will lead to acceleration in economic growth, reducing the need for Government deficit.

When people save, it will lead to capital formation and investment, reducing the need for the Government to borrow.

​Police break up rowdy crowd at PNC rally

Reports from Goroka stated that local police had to intervene and use force in a campaign rally yesterday (Tuesday) after the crowd became disruptive while the prime minster was speaking.   

The rally was for PNC candidate and Governor Julie Soso.       

PM Peter O’Neill told Loop PNG that disturbance was caused by a few people under the influence of alcohol.

“People sat down and listened for over 45 minutes of my speech,” said the PM.

“Police present were the only ones allocated to PM’s office.

Trouble-free West Sepik

Provincial Police Commander Robert Gesa commended the people’s behaviour during the campaign period.

“I am very happy with candidates and supporters’ conduct, which have shown a sign of maturity,” PPC Gesa said.  

He further appealed to the people of West Sepik to maintain peace in the remaining days of the election campaign period and polling.

The 14 days polling of the 2017 National Election will start on June 24.  

(File picture of Vanimo Town)

Ballot papers will be delivered on time: Gamato

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said the distribution from Port Moresby to all provincial capitals will be completed on Friday.

They are giving one week for provincial election teams to prepare the disbursement of polling materials to all polling venues in each province.     

 Gamato said the polling materials consist of ballot papers, ink rolls and candidate posters.

The airlifting of the materials to nine provincial capitals started on Saturday.

Mobile Squad urged to be neutral

The Morobe-based Mobile Squad 13 will boost manpower for Eastern Highlands police during the remaining campaign period till the end of counting. 

Lae Metropolitan Superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, in farewelling his Mobile Squad unit, issued a warning not to be lured by intending candidates, not to provide unauthorised escorts for candidates, and generally to ensure the people of EHP enjoy a free, fair and safe elections.

Candidate commit to link remote Enga village

The LLG inside Enga Province borders Hela, East and West Sepik Provinces.

A candidate for the Enga Provincial Seat, Robert Pati said infrastructure development will be a major policy if voted to Parliament in the 2017 National Elections.

Pati said, the plight of the Paiala-Hewa raises the question of where million pumped by the Porgera Mine and successive government have gone too.

He also challenged the people to stop tribal fighting because it’s a contributing factor hampering delivering of basic services to the area. 

Judiciary prepares for election petitions

He said the judiciary received the biggest number of election petitions from 2012, over 106 petitions.

Last year, during 2016 Pacific Judicial Conference, Sir Salamo said 109 election petitions were filed from 2012 elections during one of his presentations on the Quality of Justice in the Pacific.

“The judiciary has cleared all election petitions 12 months before the issue of writs and we have also cleared the reviews in the Supreme Court arising from election petitions,” he said today.

No child should be denied education: PM

Prime Minister Peter O’Neill made the point when visiting Ialibu in Southern Highlands on Sunday, which was where he attended high school.

“I have personal experience of how hard life is for families when education is not free,” the Prime Minister said to a large gathering in Ialibu.

“I went to school here in Ialibu, and I know how difficult it was for my mother to find money for school.

Free Education Policy to be made a law

The ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) Party, led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill want to make its Free Education Policy into an Act of Parliament.

He also admitted that the policy needs to be reviewed.

“I agree with many of our critics that there have been challenges, it has not been easy but it does not mean that it is a bad policy,” O’Neill said on FM 100 Talk back show on Thursday.    

“We accept criticism of its Free Education Policy but adamant to improve and make it a legal law if PNC forms Government.      

For our children's future: Voter

Kepas Tika, from Ravat Ward in the Raluana LLG of Kokopo District, called on his people of Ravat and Ngatur Wards to vote wisely so their children do not suffer in the future.

Tika said mothers continue to die from cancer due to lack of proper medical equipment and most do not have the financial capacity to go to the Angau Hospital in Lae for treatment.

He says it would be better if such lifesaving medical equipment are available in their hospitals.

He further said medical facilities continue to run out of life saving drugs.