Free Education Policy to be made a law

Compulsory Education for all school age children is the major political platform many parties and candidates are promoting to lure voters in the 2017 National Election campaign period.

The ruling People’s National Congress (PNC) Party, led by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill want to make its Free Education Policy into an Act of Parliament.

He also admitted that the policy needs to be reviewed.

“I agree with many of our critics that there have been challenges, it has not been easy but it does not mean that it is a bad policy,” O’Neill said on FM 100 Talk back show on Thursday.    

“We accept criticism of its Free Education Policy but adamant to improve and make it a legal law if PNC forms Government.      

 “Our party stands for the expansion of the Free Education Policy, making it compulsory and by law, all the way up to year 12, so no government coming after our government will change it.

“We want it to be written in Law and legislated in Parliament that education is compulsory for all our children throughout the country, and government must provide that.”

The 8 weeks of campaign period will end on 23 June, and 14 days of polling will start.

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Charles Yapumi