Social Democratic Party

Pano Joins SDP

He contested as an Independent candidate in the 2022 National General Elections. 

Social Democratic Party executives and MPs including Party Leader and incumbent NCD Governor, Powes Parkop, Central Bougainville MP Fr. Simon Dumarino and Nipa Kutubu Member elect, Dr. Billy Joseph formally welcomed the MP into the party today.  

Mr Pano said he was happy to join a party that was big on delivering services at the grassroots level. 

Party Hosts Festival

Present for the event were Chairman of the Motu Koita Assembly and Deputy Governor, Dadi Toka Jr, Moresby South Member, Justin Tkatchenko, supporters and intending candidates from different electorates in Port Moresby. They came in support of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
“You do realize Port Moresby city is the epicenter of all 22 provinces. All of us here in this city we are represented by the Bird of Paradise. This city is the fastest growing city in the region. In the Pacific region it’s the fastest growing city. 

SDP announces 41 candidates

About 600 people had expressed their interest to join the party, 50 of whom were women.

Party leader and governor for NCD Powes Parkop spoke highly of the selected candidates, whose backgrounds he described would make them visionary, smart and passionate leaders for the country.

Parkop said SDP is for gender equality and focuses on the resources and efforts of getting women who have a better chance of winning.

SDP Candidate for West Sepik Provincial Seat Dorothy Tekwie said it is an honor to be a candidate for the Social Democratic Party.

Abau candidate urges people to choose good leaders

At his last rally held at Wagula Park in Maopa village this week, Kala told hundreds of people that gathered that he wanted to bring back basic services to them.

He added that they had been denied services that they are entitled to.

People from as far as Amazon Bay and Cloudy Bay made the long trip to show their support for the red hot favourite running under the banner of the Social Democratic Party.

Party aims to create more local jobs

Highlighted in the party’s policies is addressing unemployment and creating more jobs by setting up down-stream processing of PNG resources.

And also by converting machine dependent activities into labour based.

Party leader Powes Parkop said he tried in the nation’s capital but was not successful due to no economies to scale.

“It will succeed if we do it nationwide and if the change is structurally done,” stated the NCD Governor.

VIDEO: Addressing unemployment

Social Democratic Party's policies on addressing unemployment by creating more local jobs will either make or break the party and its endorsed candidates. 


Caroline Ure reports 

VIDEO: Social Democratic Party launches policies

Resurrecting and growing the economy are their policy platforms.


Caroline Ure reports 

Party: Reducing personal income tax a priority

Included in its party policies, the SDP plans to reduce personal taxes and progressively increase the minimum tax thresholds over a period of time.

Party leader and candidate for NCD Governor seat, Powes Parkop, said they will encourage personal savings and individual spending on goods and services.

The policy outlines that the spending will lead to acceleration in economic growth, reducing the need for Government deficit.

When people save, it will lead to capital formation and investment, reducing the need for the Government to borrow.

Growing PNG economy at steady rate

Parkop highlighted that SDP is focused on returning the economic growth to 10-12 percent, like it used to be in 2012, 2013 and 2014, before it slipped down to around 2-3 percent.

Parkop says the Government needs to sustain the economy as we cannot grow the economy then let it drop again.

He explained that SDP has a multi-prolonged growth strategy that will deliver results now and sustain it over the years. These include getting the next LNG project into construction now and having a series of large capital projects properly planned and sequenced.

​Parkop’s party focuses on reviving economy

Party leader and sitting Governor for the National Capital District, Powes Parkop, says they aim to address the economic situation that the country is facing with their economic policy plan.

Parkop highlighted that the economic situation includes unemployment, debt level, money supply among people and foreign exchange crises.

The Party policies include accelerating economic growth, lowering personal taxes, creating more local jobs, promoting tourism industries and building quality infrastructure and transport.