Party aims to create more local jobs

With the very high unemployment rate in Papua New Guinea due to the high number of unskilled workforce, the Social Democratic Party is focused on creating more local jobs.

Highlighted in the party’s policies is addressing unemployment and creating more jobs by setting up down-stream processing of PNG resources.

And also by converting machine dependent activities into labour based.

Party leader Powes Parkop said he tried in the nation’s capital but was not successful due to no economies to scale.

“It will succeed if we do it nationwide and if the change is structurally done,” stated the NCD Governor.

“The policy includes making more people employable by providing tax incentives for those companies that train and retain Papua New Guinean labour.”

Parkop added that more local jobs will also be created by providing tax incentives to corporates that spend more than 50 percent of payroll cost on PNG workers.

This will encourage more Papua New Guineans to join the workforce.

He said more jobs can also be created by increasing the minimum wages rate, and this is also included in the policy.

Picture caption: Unemplyed youths in Port Moresby surrender guns 

Quintina Naime