Party Hosts Festival

The Social Democratic Party held the Orange Nomination Festival Program at the Independence Boulevard, recently.

Present for the event were Chairman of the Motu Koita Assembly and Deputy Governor, Dadi Toka Jr, Moresby South Member, Justin Tkatchenko, supporters and intending candidates from different electorates in Port Moresby. They came in support of NCD Governor Powes Parkop.
“You do realize Port Moresby city is the epicenter of all 22 provinces. All of us here in this city we are represented by the Bird of Paradise. This city is the fastest growing city in the region. In the Pacific region it’s the fastest growing city. 
“You might ask yourself why is it growing so fast. Why is there so many developments happening. Good developments, it comes down to leadership,” said Dadi Toka Jr.
He spoke on stability, leadership and partnership saying that development is a journey and it is incomplete without leaders.
Minister Tkatchenko told the people that to be in a winning team it all came down to partnership and working together for the benefit of the people, their families and community.
The festival started with a walk to nominations for Governor Parkop, followed by meet and greet with supporters who showed up in large numbers, speeches and entertainment.
Governor Parkop in his address thanked the people for their support and asked them to help in continuing the path to doing right for the people and the city and the nation.
“Today as we continue this journey I want to declare again that I am ready and determined to continue to light the torch of change, to wave our flag the red, black and gold, to lead our people because I am a proud son of PNG.”

Carol Kidu