Abau candidate urges people to choose good leaders

Intending candidate for the Abau Open seat, Evele Kala says it’s time to choose a leader who can deliver.

At his last rally held at Wagula Park in Maopa village this week, Kala told hundreds of people that gathered that he wanted to bring back basic services to them.

He added that they had been denied services that they are entitled to.

People from as far as Amazon Bay and Cloudy Bay made the long trip to show their support for the red hot favourite running under the banner of the Social Democratic Party.

“There have been not much services brought to the people for the last 25-30 years. People are struggling to get services like education, health services and infrastructure development.

“People can’t access services because the road conditions are very bad right now. If the roads are bad, how can services reach the people?

“I want to bring basic services to Abau, starting with road access. If there is road access to the villages, the services will flow.

“Education is also another thing I want to bring. To health, most communities don’t have health centers.

“Especially here in Aroma, we don’t have an Aid Post and our children and grandchildren die on the road and we bring them back.

“These are the services I want to and will deliver to the people,” said Kala.

Kala, alongside Party Leader Powes Parkop finished by thanking the people of Abau for welcoming him into their villages to campaign.

 “The last eight weeks campaigning in the three Local Level Government areas has been a success because of the reception I got from the people of Abau. Thank you for your hospitality. It’s time,” said Kala.


Troy Taule