2017 National Election

National Alliance confident of winning more seats

“We are moving as a party, to win more seats in the coming election,” Pruaitch said.     

NA has endorsed 74 candidates to contest for the 111 seats in the National Parliament, when Papua New Guineans go to the polls on June 24  to July 8.

NA Party executives flanked by its parliamentary wing announced its decision today to leave the coalition government.

The decision followed sacking of Pruaitch as the Minister for Treasury by Prime Minister Peter O’Neill last week.

PNC and NA party marriage seems to be over

This is the fourth week for campaigning and candidates and parties will be looking at marketing themselves to the voters.

PNG Electoral Commission stated earlier that 3,332 candidates will contest for the 22 Provincial and 89 Open seats in the Papua New Guinea’s 111 seat Parliament.

The eight weeks of campaign will end on June 23, followed by the two weeks of polls.

Meanwhile, the political marriage between the two largest parties in the coalition government is coming to an end.  

​No election funding hiccups: Lupari

In this year’s national budget, the National Government allocated K400 million to fund the country’s election.

In a statement, Lupari said two separate trust accounts have been created – one for PNG Electoral Commission to draw its K279 million and the other for security agencies to draw down their K121 million for election security operations.

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato and Police Commissioner Gari Baki will look after their individual trust accounts.

Elections are adequately funded: O’Neill

He was responding to a statement by Treasury Minister and National Alliance Party parliamentary leader Patrick Pruaitch.

Minister Pruaitch said the ability for police to secure a free and fair election is now being compromised with inadequate funding.  

Pruaitch said, he was shocked to learn last Friday during a meeting with Police Commissioner Gari Baki that the police force had only received K8 million of its K121 million budget allocation for election operations.

“That’s just rubbish,” Prime Minister O’Neill told Loop PNG.    

Electoral Commission expects 4.7 million people to vote

“In 2012, a total of 4.7 million registered on the (Electoral) Roll,” Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato said.   

“For 2017, PNGEC is projecting some 5.1 million or 5.2 million eligible voters based on the 3.1 per cent annual average growth rate of PNG population as posted by National Statistical Office.

“Out of the 4.7 million registered voters in 2012, only 3.7 million actually cast their votes.

“Therefore, in 2017, PNGEC is projecting that out of the 5.1 million or 5.2 million eligible voters, only 4.7 million may actually cast their votes.”

Yangoru Saussia people’s say on Maru

Maru is the Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry and a member of the People’s Congress Party (PNC).

PNC is the major coalition party in the O’Neill- Dion government with over 60 sitting MPs. 

Below is a Voxpop carried out by Loop PNG.    

Fisause Kennedy says the issues surrounding the land acquired by the National Government to develop the Sepik Economic Zone project will affect the MPs chances of securing many votes in Yekembolie, Haripmo, Kainimbu, Maringhie, Hagama villagers in the East Yangoru LLG.  

Stop misleading voters: Minister

Minister for Trade, Commerce and Industry Richard Maru told Loop PNG that candidates must campaign on their policies and not lies.    

 “I think we have to stand on policies, why are you standing, what will do, that somebody else won’t do,” the Yangoru Sausssia MP said.  

“That is what we must focus on, and not all the lies and propagandas like, PNC ‘salim kantri’ (sold the country), what do you mean by PNC salim kantri (sold the country)?  

​East Sepik Regional to be hotly contested

The Papua New Guinea’s first prime minister bowed out of politics at the end of the 9th Parliament term, after consecutive 49 years mandated by the East Sepik people.

National Alliance endorsed candidate, Allan Bird, is the talk in the province, with a favourite tag to replace NA party founder, Sir Michael.

Vote for change

Thomas Opa is among 47 candidates already nominated to contest for the Kerema open seat in Gulf Province.

 "We must rise above voting along clan lines, tribal lines, family lines, tambus (in-laws) and kandres (uncles) to elect a good leader that will fight for our fish, forest, land, water, and resources.

“Stop electing people who go into power to serve their own interests and that of their cronies.”

Opa’s nomination was witnessed by 10 tribal leaders of Gulf Province last week.

Respect the democratic process: Lae Police Boss

That is an appeal from Lae Police command boss, Anthony Wagambie Jnr.  

Metropolitan Superintendent Wagambie Jnr said, police will remain neutral and allow the election process to take place in a transparent manner.

“I want to appeal to everyone to take ownership of the election process to make it safe, fair and trouble free.”

 Wagambie Jnr said police will also be involved in awareness as part of its community obligation.