Robert Pati

Candidate commit to link remote Enga village

The LLG inside Enga Province borders Hela, East and West Sepik Provinces.

A candidate for the Enga Provincial Seat, Robert Pati said infrastructure development will be a major policy if voted to Parliament in the 2017 National Elections.

Pati said, the plight of the Paiala-Hewa raises the question of where million pumped by the Porgera Mine and successive government have gone too.

He also challenged the people to stop tribal fighting because it’s a contributing factor hampering delivering of basic services to the area. 

Uneducated person must not be voted: Candidate

Robert Pati, who is contesting for the Enga Regional seat, said a voter’s vote must not be influenced by candidates. 

“People should vote for candidates who are committed Christians, should have a proven record of honesty and transparency and have engaged in some form of service delivery to enhance people’s livelihood prior to elections,” Pati said.

He believes candidates should have proper education because the world is always changing and Parliament is not a place for an uneducated person.