2017 National Election

Moresby North East candidate supports grassroots

Saraga says he’s standing in the elections for the grassroots and the people living in the settlements.

The 40 year old from a mix parentage of Gaire, Koiari and Kairuku was born and raised in the settlement at Six Mile where he currently resides.

He is self-employed and struggles like other settlers to look after his family.

Saraga said after going through these struggles with no assistance from the Government to provide basic services like water and electricity, he decided to stand for the elections to help the settlers.

Amaiu nominates to retain Moresby North East seat

Amaiu is contesting under the Peoples National Congress Party and was the 29th candidate to nominate for the Moresby North East seat.

Amaiu said after his nomination that he is confident to retain the seat and has performed in the last four years.

“Actions speak louder than words and we have very good contenders for the seat.

“I am very confident because I have worked very hard in the last four years to maintain the people’s confidence.

“I have given water to communities and empowered them through their associations.

17 candidates nominate so far for Rigo Open

As of 2pm today, April 26, 17 candidates including three females have nominated.

Among the 17 candidates are sitting Member of Parliament Ano Pala and the three females are Vavine Kila Nades, Iga Kepi Gima and Julianne Leka-Maliaki.

Rigo Open returning officer Virgil Waisa confirmed that before the issue of writs, they had 41 intending candidates express interest by filling in the bio data form. 

He said nominations started at a slow pace since issue of writs on April 20 and is expecting to pick up with a lot more last minute nominations on the last day.   

Julianne Leka-Maliaki nominates for Rigo Open

Leka-Maliaki is contesting as an independent candidate and was led to the nomination venue by family members and supporters.

She joins 16 other candidates already nominated so far to contest the Rigo seat including two other female candidates.

Leka-Maliaki said her nomination is a good representation for the women of Rigo and Central Province.

"It gives us the opportunity to put our hands up to discuss issues at the highest level.

"I am thankful to the people of Rigo who have given women the opportunity to contest," she said.

Marape calls for support

Speaking at the Commissioning of the Nipa District Hospital in Nipa, Southern Highlands District on Thursday, Marape urged them to look around them and compare the basic services to the previous governments.

“For the past 40 years, we have been neglected and not be able to access basic services.

“However, this has changed since PNC take over and provide services to the people. We will continue to deliver the services if PNC is back and form the next government,” Marape told the more than 10,000 people gathered to witness the occasion.

Strong wind warning for Southern, Momase and Manus

People living along the coast of the Southern and Momase regions including Manus Province are urged to take precaution when going out to sea.

The PNG National Weather Service has issued a renewal strong wind warning for all coastal waters of Southern PNG to Northern PNG including Vanimo, Aitape, Wewak, west of Madang and all waters of Manus.

Strong southeast winds of 25/34 knots are expected to continue for the next 24 hours causing rough seas and high wind waves.

All small crafts and boat operators are advised to take necessary precautions before going out to sea.

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2017 General Election underway!


The 2017 General Election is now underway following the signing and issue of Writs this morning.

Thousands witness PNC members’ nominations


Sitting MPs’ terms expire after return of Writs

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato confirmed today after the issue of Writs that the sitting members are currently still members of parliament.

"The term of the current members of parliament expires when the Writs are returned to the Governor General," Gamato said.

However, a caretaker cabinet is yet to be announced.

The caretaker cabinet will allow for the 111 MPs, including the Prime Minister, to be given the opportunity to nominate and campaign.

Nominations will run for a week, followed by eight weeks of campaigning.

All MPs to perform their roles during election period

Trade, Commerce and Industry Minister Richard Maru told his people in the Yangoru Saussia District last week that all MPs and ministers will continue to perform their roles until the end of the election process.

The local Yangoru Saussia MP said, the District Development Authority will continue to fund its commitments in the districts.

Maru also appealed to his people to respect the democratic rights of each and other and no voter intimidation must be practiced.

Papers’ security will not be compromised: EC

Electoral Commissioner Patilias Gamato made this comment after PNGEC would not disclose the location of the 11 containers of ballot papers.

“They will be under tight guard by Police and Army in a secured place,” Gamato told Loop PNG last week.  

The Electoral Commissioner said in the next one-and-a-half months, the ballot papers will be unpacked from the containers, repacked according to enrolment numbers for each provinces, and dispatched two weeks prior to the commencement of polling on June 24.