Raluana LLG

Surge of support for locked down villages

Raluana LLG President, Tiolam Wawaga, was overwhelmed by the kind gesture.

Raluana LLG has been hit hardest with the 21-day lockdown, with the second case of COVID-19 being a local from there.

Raluana LLG President, Tiolam Wawaga said, the LLG is now working closely with the Kokopo district office to organise and coordinate the delivery and distribution of food ration to the wards of Ialakua, Barovon, Vunatagia, Bitabaur and Vunamurmur.

For our children's future: Voter

Kepas Tika, from Ravat Ward in the Raluana LLG of Kokopo District, called on his people of Ravat and Ngatur Wards to vote wisely so their children do not suffer in the future.

Tika said mothers continue to die from cancer due to lack of proper medical equipment and most do not have the financial capacity to go to the Angau Hospital in Lae for treatment.

He says it would be better if such lifesaving medical equipment are available in their hospitals.

He further said medical facilities continue to run out of life saving drugs.

Church partnership boosted in East New Britain

This is the first of its kind for the province.

This was the initiative of East New Britain Governor and Kokopo MP Ereman ToBaining Jnr in line with the government's Public Private Partnership concept.

The group was formed under the watchful eyes of Rev August Waninara, who is also the church representative in the Kokopo district.

The council has organised three reconciliation services.

The first one was held last Sunday at Kabagap Primary School for zone 3 which includes Balanataman, Nanuk, Tinganalom, Ngatur, Ravat, Kunakunai and Turagunan.