Police Commissioner David Manning

48 hours notice to Porgera squatters

Police Commissioner David Manning said the illegal squatters have no connection with the land they have been occupying and have exploited the previous closure of the mine to illegally damage property, commit criminal offences, and threaten peace and good order across the Porgera Valley.

 “Following consultation with stakeholders, including the Porgera Valley community, provincial and district administration, private business, and the National Government agencies, police have no other option but to remove the illegal squatters who are threatening peace and good order.

Manning refutes false rumors of Sir Ipatas arrest

Manning said Police were doing their normal policing duties over the weekend at the Jacksons International Airport when Sir Ipatas arrived at the airport during that time.

Manning establishes ‘Sensitive Investigation Board’

Police Commissioner David Manning ordered the establishment of this board saying this body will put an end to the manipulation of legal process for political convenience.

When signing the directions for the establishment of the board, Manning said people are sick and tired of political opportunists filing dubious complaints against targets they want to remove which ultimately gets thrown out of court due to lack of evidence.

50 Cops to face disciplinary action

Commissioner of Police David Manning, in a media conference, said the police officers were identified from the first result of the investigation process by the Royal PNG Constabulary internal affairs unit.

He revealed this in a media conference today.

Manning said the identity of the police officers was relieved through the first part of the investigative report, which was released on Wednesday.

Police officers warned

He made this comment after an off-duty police officer was detained at the Boroko Metro Cells after he allegedly damaged an Automated Teller Machine (ATM) at the Rainbow Stop and Shop on Monday, 8th of January 2024.

“Police personnel are accountable to the laws of this country and if they commit an illegal act they will be prosecuted,” he said.

“Just like any citizen, he has the right to a fair trial in the criminal court, but police who commits criminal acts will be prosecuted and sacked,” he said.

Police launch strategy to suppress tribal conflicts

Highlighting the urgency of the situation, Manning emphasized that the security forces are committed to neutralizing combatants and bringing agitators to justice.

During a recent briefing with the Prime Minister, Manning conveyed the collective horror felt across the nation concerning the senseless bloodshed in the Highlands Region, particularly in Enga Province.

Manning owns policing failures

At the recent launch of the Anti-fraud, Anti-Corruption and Whistleblowers Policy (AAWP) for the Prime Minister’s Department and the National Executive Council, Police Commissioner David Manning Commissioner Manning emphasized that fraud is not just a crime, but also an insidious blemish on our society.

Manning: The gloves are off

“…Present a united front and say to crime, the gloves are off,” Commissioner Manning said at the launch of the Prime Minister’s Department and National Executive Council’s launch of the Anti-fraud, Anti-Corruption and Whistleblowers Policy (AAWP).

Commissioner Manning says the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary (RPNGC) is advancing a governance framework and implementing internal controls to minimize corruption and wastage.

509 recruits to begin intensive training

From a pool of 13,039 applicants for the 2023 recruitment, Commissioner Manning announced that 443 regular recruits and 66 cadets have been chosen.

Addressing the recruits and cadets at the Bomana Centre of Excellence in the National Capital District, Commissioner Manning stated that the training duration would be nine months for recruits and three years for cadets.

The commencement of training was marked by an address to the first batch of 222 police cadets and recruits.

One arrested over Bosavi kidnapping

The arrest took place in Tari, Hela Province, marking the culmination of a long and intensive manhunt.

Pyakola is the prime suspect in the kidnapping of 17 girls in the Mt Bosavi area. He is wanted for his alleged role in a series of heinous crimes, including the armed robbery of K100,000 in cash, the murder of a Chinese national, and multiple cases of rape in the Kamusi logging camp and surrounding villages in the Delta Fly region since 2019. The most recent and shocking offence linked to Pyakola was the kidnapping of 17 girls.