More changes in police hierarchy

Former Director of Special Services Division, Samson Kau has been appointed the new Deputy Commissioner of Police for Regional Operations.

Kua replaces Dr Philip Mitna in this role while Dr Mitna moves to the role of Deputy Commissioner of Police.

Joanne Clarkson who is the current Deputy Commissioner of Police will now be based in Canberra, Australia as the Policing Liaising officer.

In announcing the reshuffle, the Police Commissioner David Manning said the changes in the command of police force is to strengthen the leadership role of the force to ensure the right people are put in those roles to bring the force forward.

“The changes in the commands come in the time where we are significantly challenged to deliver on key reforms, very much to the benefit of our communities and the organization.

“Our focus is to rebuild the force, professionalization of RPNGC and increase our presence nationwide which will allow us to add value to the lives of people in PNG,” he said.

Manning said part of the changes is to meet the government requirements to effective policing services on behalf of the government and the people as well.

He explained further the roles and responsibilities of Kau and Mitna.

“Mr Kua’s role is to ensure that we maintain an escapable level of operations in the regional commands in the country and he is responsible for effective leadership and performance accountability of all the commands in provincial and regional commands.

“While Dr Mitna will take on the responsibilities of best supporting the operations wing and ensuring that we have the necessary resources to provide far more effective policing service,” Manning said.

Mr Kua is honored to serve in this new role of which he intends to serve with a high level of integrity.

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