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PNGEC Launches Election Program

When launching the Electoral Roll, the PNGEC also released the 2022 national election program. The dates for the elections are as follows:

Issue of writs – April 28

Close of Nominations – May 5th

Polling – June 25th to July 8th

Return of Writs – July 29th

PNGEC's focus is to strengthen coordination between the provincial administration and key stakeholders for efficient and successful 2021 electoral roll update and the 2022 national election. However, funding is yet to be made available for the operations.

Security operations underway in Manus

Manus Provincial Police Commander, Chief Inspector David Yapu, said the personnel were given a briefing on Saturday and are now out in full force.

Foot beat and motorist patrols, roadblocks and raids of suspected areas for homebrew, drugs and firearms, will be conducted during the operation.

PPC Yapu said the team will also be carrying out awareness on election related offences, monitor the sale of liquor and black markets, as well as monitor campaign activities.

Election operations underway in ENB


This is collaboration of Police, Defence Force and Correctional Services in the province.

Provincial Police Commander, Joseph Tabali says more than 450 security personnel’s has been deployed to all four districts.

The ENB provincial administration has also showed their support by arranging for 60 public servants to assist in the operations.

He adds that their awareness in the districts was a success as people both in towns and remote areas were made aware of their rights to vote and choose the leaders who will be leading them in the next five years.

Elections in Highlands Region may have not been just: Bishops

 This was the view shared by the bishops and Diocesan Secretaries of the four Highlands Dioceses in their Annual Regional Secretaries Meeting, held on 20th-22nd March.

“Voters in the Highlands region of Papua New Guinea know this very well,” they said.

“The people of the region have suffered and many have been routinely denied services. A minority have benefited while the common people struggle to make ends meet. 

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PNG Socialist Party wants people to vote prime minister

​Party founder and non-parliamentarian leader of PNG Socialist Party (PNGSP) wants the people to vote for the country’s Prime Minister.

BSP Records K643.5m profit

Election times remain unless law changes, say Gamato

Speaking to political party executives in a recent workshop, Gamato said he was requested by the Government to separate both elections.

However, he could not under the current provisions of the Organic Law on National Elections and the Organic Law on Provincial and Local Level Government.

“I’ve written to Prime Minister advising him that unless there is change in law, we have to run them concurrently,” said Gamato.

National and LLG elections run over the same period however, polling dates vary.