Public Servants Released To Vote

Public servants and employees of public authorities have been released to cast their votes in the 2022 National General Elections.

They are free to exercise their constitutional right during the polling period from July 4th to 22nd, according to the election schedule released by the Electoral Commission.

The Department of Personnel Management has released Circular Instruction No.8, dated 4th May, regarding the matter.

DPM Secretary, Taies Sansan said this is for public servants and employees to leave work early to visit their nearest polling booth.

“This instruction is particularly important in Highlands Provinces and most urban centres where the Electoral Commission has arranged for two weeks for voting, and each person to make their voting arrangements,” she said.

“As far as possible, each person should arrange to vote in their own time, for example, before and after normal public service commencement times.”

Sansan said, where it is not possible for them to vote in their own time due to waiting, queuing or travel time, agency heads shall allow a reasonable period of absence with pay during the said period where requested.

Secretary Sansan is appealing to all agency heads to ensure all public servants are given the opportunity to exercise their democratic right to cast their votes.

“The Government anticipates your kind cooperation in providing sufficient encouragement to our citizens to participate in this important national event,” she stated.

All inquiries regarding Circular No.8 must be made to the Acting Deputy Secretary for Policy Development & Reform, or his officers, on: 327 6403, 327 6336, 327 6309, 327 6392 and 327 6373.

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