Madang MP Bryan Kramer

New police minister’s task

Madang MP Bryan Kramer was among other MPs who were appointed and sworn in yesterday (June 7th).

“We will be asking of him, in the first instance, to restore credibility to the entire police hierarchy,” said Prime Minister James Marape.

While Kramer’s appointment may come as a result of the call of the people, he now has a mammoth task of cleaning up the police force.

Kramer to file complaint on inflated Parlt cost

He told this newsroom that after doing some fact and figure-checking against the unit cost to replace the damaged facilities, he concluded that the figure indicated in the Damages Assessment Report and tabled in parliament, could only be a scam to siphon money.

Before he went to the media, Kramer shared the information he had gathered on social media.

Yesterday, he came to make his intentions known; that he was filing a complaint with the Ombudsman Commission.

Kramer questions PM on longstanding issues

Among other things, Bryan Kramer asked if the other countries pay their teachers 12 toea a fortnight.

As his supplementary question on November 9th, the Madang MP once again raised the longstanding issues that are affecting average Papua New Guineans on the floor of Parliament.

“Hamaspla i gat polio, hamaspla i gat drug shortij, hamaspla i baim titcha blo ol 12 toea, hamaspla i baim APEC CEO K500,000 – em sidaun lo baksait ya, mi no save, em niupla APEC ofis blo yumi?” Kramer stated whilst pointing across the floor.

APEC Minister: Lies about APEC Leaders’ vehicles

“The record must be set straight, and these lies put to an end,” said the Minister.

“Firstly, the use of a certain level of vehicle is required for global events such as an APEC Leaders’ Summit.

“Secondly, as with past APEC hosts, these vehicles will be purchased by the private sector at cost.

“Thirdly, the price the Maserati will be sold to the private sector is less than the sale price of a Toyota Land Cruiser VX, while price of Bentleys will be more than the Toyota, but not the ridiculous K2.3 million each claimed by the desperate member of Opposition.”

Degree of corruption ‘disgusting’

“The Maserati deal is just one scandal after another. And we’re asking, when will it stop?

“The process of policing is into question.”

Kramer pointed out the Paraka case, where the case against the Prime Minister was closed, including the Manumanu land deal, where police cleared the implicated Cabinet Ministers of all allegations against them.

Kramer on newspaper boycott

Madang MP Bryan Kramer, who is behind the protest, said members of the public have asked for an extension to the campaign, which will now run for 3 more weeks.

This campaign aims to hold the media accountable to reporting factual and unbiased news. In a way, the two dailies are being forced to ‘clean up’ their act.

Kramer said as a member of the Opposition, he has experienced first-hand that even though they send in stories to especially the print media, they do not get the same attention as the government. 

Kramer’s referral censors freedom of speech: Opposition

The 24-member Opposition team said the referral of Madang MP Bryan Kramer was a biased decision and a ploy to censor freedom of expression in the country.

“As far as we are concerned, a public statement is subject to scrutiny by every citizen of this country, including members of Parliament,” said Opposition Leader Patrick Pruaitch.

They said the tactic is employed to deny leaders and the people of the country their right to criticise leaders.

“If we allow this to happen, this is a very sad day,” said Moresby North West MP, Mekere Morauta.

Madang admin prepares to repatriate slain teacher

The deceased was killed at Bau Primary School on Tuesday, April 3.

Madang Governor Peter Yama, who was in Port Moresby attending Parliament, flew back to the province on Thursday (April 12) to attend to the situation.

Upon arrival, Yama held various meetings with leaders from the area and asked them to return the head of the slain teacher.

The head was returned late Thursday night to the provincial administration staff, including Governor Yama.

Kramer to spend Xmas on Madang streets

The former police reservist says he has spent considerable time in the community and as the MP, it is his responsibility to take the lead and work with government agencies like the police and Correctional Service.

“I will be spending my Christmas, basically the three days, on the streets of Madang in terms of addressing law and order,” he says.

Kramer states a lot of people in villages and in town will be doing their Christmas shopping and are typically subject to petty crimes.

New political party emerges

Party president and former police commissioner and chief ombudsman, Sir Ila Geno, today announced the formation of the new party – The Alliance – in Port Moresby.

The Alliance is borne out of a number of likeminded members of parliament, particularly from the Opposition, consisting of different political parties and Independent MPs.

Sir Ila said rule of law, governance and effective public service administration, monitor and check corruption is the core responsibility of The Alliance.