Allan Bird

Bird, Basil Jr, Samban resign from Gov’t

The MPs made their announcement in a press conference at Dream Inn Hotel in Port Moresby yesterday.

Governor Bird when giving his speech said his move was to see a change in the Government.

“I will not be the lookout, standing guard while the riches of this country are plundered. My conscience will not allow it.

“I remained in government hoping that this government would solve our cost of living crisis, our power crisis, our foreign exchange crisis, our law and order crisis and our employment crisis.

Marape Congratulates Bird

Marape, when congratulating Governor Bird, also announced that the Wewak Camp was moving to Loloata just off Port Moresby, because of the extension of return of writs.

However, he announced that to make up for this, the new government would meet in Wewak immediately after formation for a retreat to draw up its plans and policies.

“I congratulate Governor Bird, one of my strongest supporters despite being a member of National Alliance, for his landslide victory today,” Marape said.

GBV Committee presents final report

Co-Chair of the Committee, Governor for East Sepik Province, Allan Bird, commended the second and final report of the Special Parliamentary Committee on Gender Based Violence to Parliament on Thursday 21 April.

The report captures the committee’s final reflections and recommendations that will provide guidance to the officials across the country in addressing Gender Based Violence.

ESP Increases Cocoa Production

Speaking at the ‘Second European Union – Papua New Guinea Business, Trade and Investment Conference’ on Monday 11 October, stressed on what his province was doing on cocoa production project.

Governor Bird was tasked to highlight projects that are aimed at promoting trade in the non-resource sector in the country.

He took the opportunity to share East Sepik’s cocoa production journey since the beginning of his leadership term.

Governor Calls For Respect

He said what the country witnessed earlier this week shows weak character and a lack of appreciation for what constitutes acceptable human behaviour in our country.

“You are a good man when you stand up for those who are weaker than you. You are not a good man because you demand it,” he stated.

“You have clearly demonstrated by your own behaviour that you need a serious adjustment to your mental attitude. Your ability to articulate arguments also needs improvement because there is nothing intelligent about it.”

ESP Governor disappointed

Bird said the detailed report did not contain the evidence he had requested for when Parliament sat to pass the 2-month SOE in April.

After Health Minister Jelta Wong tabled his statement yesterday (June 2), which generally outlined the government’s response to COVID-19, Governor Bird said he was disappointed that those responsible failed to comply with the constitutional directive of presenting data that truly reflects the people’s status.  

Governor Bird unimpressed with Yama’s behaviour

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, made this comment after walking out of Friday’s Parliament sitting.

Madang Governor Peter Yama’s deplorable comments against Madang MP and Police Minister, Bryan Kramer, upset a good number of MPs.

His refusal to withdraw his racist statement saw the Prime Minister leave the chambers, followed by East Sepik Governor.

Adopt mentality of protecting community, police urged

“The vast majority of the population desire peace and harmony within the community. They will help the police to do their work and we can all weed out the bad apples,” stated the Governor in response to the recent death of an Engan man, allegedly at the hands of police.

“Police should only use violence as a last resort when all else fails.

Governor highlights rot in health system

East Sepik Governor, Allan Bird, made this statement during ‘questions without notice’ in Parliament on December 3rd.

After that, he directed a series of questions to the Health Minister.

In his first question, the Governor asked Health Minister Jelta Wong if he was prepared to deal with all the companies involved in the supply contracts.

“Mostly foreign companies,” stated Bird.

Governor concerned over violence stats

East Sepik Governor Allan Bird said in Parliament yesterday that many cases posted on social media recently relate to violence against women where husbands kill wives; and boyfriends kill girlfriends without any actions taken by relevant agencies to punish those involved.

“People blo yumi, they must be able to operate freely without violence and intimidation from others. Na disla wok lo stat (to reach) ol epidemic proportions now. Pretty soon we’ll be dealing with violence like we are trying to deal with polyp.”