New political party emerges

A new political party has emerged in the political landscape of the country, branding and shifting other parties to form it.

Party president and former police commissioner and chief ombudsman, Sir Ila Geno, today announced the formation of the new party – The Alliance – in Port Moresby.

The Alliance is borne out of a number of likeminded members of parliament, particularly from the Opposition, consisting of different political parties and Independent MPs.

Sir Ila said rule of law, governance and effective public service administration, monitor and check corruption is the core responsibility of The Alliance.

"As President I am in close liaison with the Registry of the Political Parties and Candidates Commission to ensure a smooth transition of all the political parties merged to form The Alliance," Sir Ila stated.

Madang MP Bryan Kramer has been recruited to set down the foundation to prepare the new party alongside its president and legal advisor, Nemo Yalo, for launch next year.

He said they are in discussion with other high profile members of the opposition to join the party, which will be launched in February 2018.

They will be targeting the educated elites using technology and social media platforms.

Papua New Guinea has 45 political parties, 22 of which make up the 10th parliament.

Eight of those parties are in the Opposition, which consists of 28 members.

(The Alliance legal advisor Nemo Yalo, left, Madang MP Bryan Kramer and President Sir Ila Geno)

Sally Pokiton