Degree of corruption ‘disgusting’

As a Member of Parliament and being on the inside, I can tell you that the degree of corruption is just disgusting, says Madang MP Bryan Kramer.

“The Maserati deal is just one scandal after another. And we’re asking, when will it stop?

“The process of policing is into question.”

Kramer pointed out the Paraka case, where the case against the Prime Minister was closed, including the Manumanu land deal, where police cleared the implicated Cabinet Ministers of all allegations against them.

“Scandals where millions of Kina have been misused or stolen and yet, not a single arrest has taken place,” stated the MP.

“We are now fed up, we no longer believe in the system. The only thing we believe in now is the people.”

Kramer said after a meeting with East Sepik Governor Allan Bird and Northern Governor Gary Juffa, they have decided to call for a nationwide boycott.

“There have been many efforts in the past, unfortunately, they’ve failed in terms of holding the Government accountable,” he said.

“For the first time, me as a Member of Parliament, from the inside, will organise the Opposition as well as members of the public, to stand united to say ‘enough’."

The boycott will be a nonviolent event which will not include going on the streets and putting people’s lives at risk.

“We have no doubt that if the people participate in this boycott, the Government of the day will be scared.

“If you want to stop someone from stealing, you have to make them scared. And if you don’t take action, they’ll keep stealing.

“It’s up to the people to make a stand.

“28,000 Grade 12 students are doing their exams this week. What future do they have?”

Initially planned for this Thursday (October 18th), the proposed nationwide day boycott has been deferred to next Friday, October 26th.

“The decision was made after many parents raised concerns about the timing of the boycott coinciding with Grade 12 students sitting for their final exams,” said Kramer.

“The Opposition will also use the time to meet with key Union, Civil Society and Church leaders to solicit their support in protest of the systematic corruption crippling the country.”

Kramer further explained for workers wishing to participate, they could either arrange to take two days from their annual leave, or get their pay deducted.

Meantime, in response to the boycott, the Prime Minister said: “That’s up to each individual. Everyone who does not turn up for work will not get paid for each day missed.”

Carmella Gware