Christmas 2017

Narrow escape for trio

The incident happened in the early hours of Christmas Eve, say the guards on duty.

They claim it was probably after a heavy night of partying, as the driver (a man) and two passengers (another man and a woman), were heavily intoxicated.

According to the stadium guards, the car – a small grey Toyota Grande – drove out of the intersection from Vulupindi Haus.

And instead of turning right towards the traffic lights, drove straight towards the opposite side of the road.

Evicted on Xmas eve

Lucy Agen and Cecilia Sam, along with their families, were allegedly forcefully removed by police yesterday from the two flats they had lived in for more than 30 years.

While many residents are celebrating in the comfort of their homes, the families currently sit outside the fence of what was home until yesterday, where fully armed police officers arrived in a convoy of vehicles and allegedly evicted them.

Fairly quiet so far: Police

Apart from minor motor vehicle accidents caused by intoxicated drivers, the National Capital District police boss hopes the trouble-free period is maintained.

NCD metropolitan superintendent commander, Perou N’Dranou, says Christmas is seen by many as a time for celebration and gatherings.

And while there is nothing wrong with this, he said there needs to be control.

He added that he is happy that all is going well and that this festive season has been very quiet with a more civilised approach by residents.

Sharing the love

And for nine years, this has been recognised by the Taku family in Port Moresby.

On December 25, the family drives around town, delivering a hot meal to people who spend the night on the streets.

This Christmas was no different.

The Takus began food preparations on Christmas Eve. When Christmas dawned, they were already out on the streets of Port Moresby.

Loop PNG caught up with them at Three-Mile as they were giving out the last of the food packs.

Working on a Christmas

Margaret Bill, of Southern Highlands Province, on the other hand, had a different idea.

Like every other day, she woke up early this morning, left her Port Moresby home at Waigani and headed to Four-Mile.

Margaret is employed by NCDC to keep the city clean.

As is her task, she cleans the streetside, beginning with the crossing in front of A-Mart near the Taurama Aquatic Centre, working all the way to Three-Mile, near the Port Moresby General Hospital.

Spare a thought for others: PM

“Invite them into your home to share the spirit with you,” says Prime Minister Peter O’Neill.

“Look after each other, and set an example for those around you.”

The PM says further says it is at this time of year we come together as a Nation.

“In our communities, our Churches and in our family homes, we celebrate the birth of our Saviour.

“This birth in a manger in Bethlehem, more than 2,000 years ago, was the start of a new era for humankind.

“Through our Christian faith we celebrate goodwill, and we share a belief in doing the right thing.

Shops less chaotic for ‘lucky last’ shoppers

But for some ‘lucky last’ in the nation’s capital, this was in fact a good decision.

As confirmed by staff of the shopping centres visited by Loop PNG, their busiest days were Friday and Saturday.

Sunday was not as hectic.

Shopping centres were not packed, streets were clear, making it a perfect day to shop.

But this did not mean there was nothing good to buy.

“We are prepared. We made sure to fully stock up so all our customers are fully satisfied,” said Peter Lee, Snr operations, Vision City.

PMGH’s first Christmas baby!

This new baby from Western Highlands Province makes Rachel Jeff a mother-of-four this Christmas.

Other than her 6-year-old boy, Rachel’s other two children, boy 13 and girl 9, were also born at the PMGH labour ward.

She had a normal birth without complications, after going into labour at 6pm on Christmas Eve. 

Jeff said the family is yet to name the baby.

More than an hour later, Sebastian Samastin of Southern Highlands was born, weighing 3.9kg, making him the second Christmas baby.

By 5am, the Labour ward recorded seven Christmas babies for 2017.

No liquor ban in NCD

But some centres however, have decided to close their liquor shops for the festive period.

RH Hypermart is one, going with the decision.

Its Gordon branch will close over the public holiday, as confirmed by staff.

RH at Vision City closes through to Wednesday, December 27, according to the Senior Operations, Peter Lee.

But there will still be other liquor shops operating as the liquor ban was lifted a few years back.

And while this may be good news to many, police warn that no one should take advantage and do as they please.

Life of 90-year-old celebrated

It is also a celebration of the life one has lived.

90-year-old Ombolu Tiyoma, from Payama Village in Pangia, Southern Highlands Province, was recently celebrated by her family for her life as a woman of standing in her own culture.

Tucked away in the corners of Morata Two in Port Moresby, a small family from Pangia hosted a feast as part of their Christmas celebrations.

Tiyoma is a traditionalist given her strict obedience to cultural values, which she tries to impart to her family.